America's Promise Tech Connect

A Grant-Funded, Employer-Aligned, Jobs-Focused IT Educational Opportunity




What is America's Promise Tech Connect?
America's Promise Tech Connect is an accelerated, IT-focused education program funded by a Department of Labor grant. Intended for qualified candidates unable to afford the upfront costs of higher education, Tech Connect pays for the student’s full class tuition and aims to fill today’s IT workforce gap by increasing the number of skilled IT workers in the country.

The program includes three different subject “tracks” and is designed to accelerate students into an exciting new or next-level career in IT through immersive learning and real time work scenarios. Using industry best practices to solve on-the-job challenges, students prepare for industry credential testing. Tech Connect also provides career guidance and job placement support for all participants during the program.

When are the classes?
Each program track will be offered on a continuous rolling basis throughout 2017-2020. Please see below for specific program track dates and be sure to check back frequently for program updates.
What are the class topics?
There are three non-credit program tracks to choose from:

Network Technician: The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) curriculum in this program is a gateway to entry-level networking jobs and will prepare you to take the Cisco CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician) and CCNA Routing and Switching certification exams to earn the designation CCNA. Potential career pathways include: network technician, support engineer, network administrator, network designer, network engineer, and more.
Prerequisites: CompTIA A+ certification or equivalent experience, Computer Skills Proficiency Exam, and successful completion of CompTIA IT Fundamentals class.
Upcoming Network Technician Classes:
8/14/19 - 1/16/20, WTH 6:00 - 9:15pm

 IT User Support Specialist: Prepare for a career in computer user support by learning how to install and troubleshoot operating systems, configure software applications, install and repair hardware, set up networks, and provide end-user customer support. This program track also prepares you for CompTIA A+ certification and provides two CompTIA A+ certification exam vouchers to make it easier to certify. Potential career pathways include: computer support specialist, computer applications specialist, PC technician, help desk specialist, software trainer.
Prerequisites: Basic understanding of computers and navigation in the Windows 10 operating system, Computer Skills Proficiency Exam, and successful completion of CompTIA IT Fundamentals class.
Upcoming IT User Support Specialist Classes:
7/8/19 – 8/8/19, M-F 9am-4pm
8/26/19 – 11/19/19, MWF 6-9pm

Health IT & Management Systems Technician​: Gain the knowledge and skills required to install, manage, and troubleshoot IT systems in medical and clinical settings. Learn a broad range of medical terminology, health data requirements/standards, clinical classification and coding systems, and database security required for electronic recordkeeping systems. Potential career pathways include: health information technician, health informatics specialist, medical information officer, health IT security officer, information services support technician, medical records technician, technical support specialist, information technology specialist, medical scribe.
Prerequisites: Basic understanding of computers and/or healthcare terminology, Computer Skills Proficiency Exam, and successful completion of CompTIA IT Fundamentals class.
Upcoming Health IT & Management Systems Classes:
8/13/19 - 12/17/19, TWTH 6-9pm (skip 11/26 & 11/28)

Prior to being placed in one of the three technical tracks, participants must first successfully demonstrate their IT aptitude by completing the following prerequisites:

Computer Skills Proficiency Exam: Offered at no cost at the FCC testing center, this exam is required for all individuals desiring consideration for placement in one of the training tracks.

IT Fundamentals: For applicants who pass the Computer Skills Proficiency Exam, this 30-hour course measures foundational skills for those considering a career in IT. FCC proctors the CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification exam, and those scoring high enough be placed into a technical track and those passing the exam will receive the CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification designation.
Upcoming IT Fundamentals classes:
5/29/19 – 6/7/19, WFMWF, 9am-4pm
6/22/19 – 7/20/19, Sa 9am-4pm
7/22/19 – 8/1/19, M-TH 6-9pm & Sa 9am-4pm
9/14/19 – 11/9/19, Sa 9am-4pm (skip 9/21, 10/5, 10/19, 11/2)
12/2/19 - 12/12/19, M-TH 6-9pm & Sa 9a-4p
12/9/19 - 12/18/19, MWFMW 9a-4p

Additional Program Services
In addition to the technical training tracks, students are provided the opportunity to better prepare for today’s IT workforce via workplace readiness skills training and externship opportunities:

Workplace Excellence Series: Offered alongside the technical training tracks, Workplace Excellence is a 30-hour required course that teaches essential workplace skills that are just as important as IT skills, including strong communication, having a positive attitude, and being punctual, dependable, and responsible. The course includes 10 modules and teaches the employer’s perspective, practical skills, and the “bottom line” on a key topic so students can increase their career successes.

Workplace Experiences: By participating in real-life onsite externships at local area businesses, students strengthen their understanding of the IT environment through direct contact with industry employers to learn about best practices, workplace etiquette, and the desired skills of new hires. Stipends are available to defray the cost of living while participating in a workplace opportunity.

What are America's Promise Tech Connect’s eligibility requirements?
In addition to any specific program track prerequisites (see above), candidates must be:

  • Maryland residents
  • Unemployed, underemployed, or an incumbent worker
  • Possess a high school diploma/GED and/or some college experience (though not currently enrolled at FCC)
  • If a former FCC student, financial account must be in good standing (no ‘holds’ or past due balances)
  • Current IT workers or have relevant IT work/life experience and possess an aptitude to excel in IT

Veterans of the Armed Services are also highly encouraged to apply.

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This page will be updated regularly. Please check back often for the latest information, or email us for further information.


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