2021 - 2022 Presidential Search 2021 - 2022 Presidential Search

2021 - 2022 Presidential Search

Welcome to the 2021-22 Frederick Community College Presidential Search!


The Frederick Community College (FCC) Board of Trustees has launched a national search for the next president of FCC. Academic Search, Inc., a national search firm specializing in higher education, will assist with the presidential search process. This web page provides all information related to the position, process, progress, and more.

February 16, 2022
The Frederick Community College Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that Dr. Annesa Cheek will serve as the College’s 11th president.


October 4, 2021

The recruitment for the next president of Frederick Community College has begun. The position profile, which includes a description of the opportunity, the qualifications for the position, and the application process, can be viewed here.

The search committee welcomes and encourages nominations and suggestions from the FCC community. They may be sent in complete confidence to [email protected]. The position is open until filled, but only applications received by November 29, 2021, can be assured full consideration.

To encourage a deep and diverse pool of highly qualified individuals, the identities of candidates will remain confidential throughout the process, until finalists are invited for on-campus interviews.



September 15, 2021

The Frederick Community College Board of Trustees announces a national search is underway for the next president of Frederick Community College. The Board will start the formal search process in September. It plans to make its selection during the spring 2022 semester, and expects the new president to take office in July 2022.

“A president with strong vision and leadership is critical in the planning, operation, and success of all aspects of the College's programs and services," said Carolyn Kimberlin, the Frederick Community College Board of Trustees' vice chair and chair of the Presidential Search Committee. “We are looking forward to leading a collaborative search process to find the next visionary leader of our College.”

The Board is seeking a new president who will build on Frederick Community College's track record of sustained success that has made it the learning destination for more than 200,000 students since 1957 and a valuable partner in building economic prosperity for the greater Frederick community. The ideal candidate is someone who demonstrates a collaborative and forward-thinking mindset, exceptional vision, an inclusive style, and extraordinarily positive energy.

The Board is meeting with faculty, staff, and students to gain broad input from the entire College community in developing the profile for the new president. The Presidential Search Committee is comprised of College constituents and community members. To assist with the presidential search process, the Board of Trustees has hired Academic Search, a national search firm located in Washington, D.C. that specializes in higher education.

Further updates will be provided on this website as information becomes available.



Presidential Search Committee


Carolyn Kimberlin, Chair of the Search Committee, FCC Board of Trustees

Gary Fearnow, FCC Board of Trustees

Ted Luck, FCC Board of Trustees

George Littrell, III, Former FCC Foundation Board Member

Dr. Eric Louérs-Phillips, Education Community Member

Michelle Day, Workforce Development Community Member

Dr. Manuel Casiano, Health Community Member

Theresa Harrison, Business Community Member

Raissa Forkou, FCC Student Government Association

Dr. Susan McMaster, FCC College Senate

Dr. Beth Douthirt Cohen, FCC Administrative Staff Association

Anne Hofmann, FCC Faculty Association

Brian Holt, FCC Support Staff Association


The Board of Trustees and the presidential search committee has initiated their work with Academic Search to establish a timeline and process for the search for the next president of Frederick Community College. The process will unfold over several months, and include the following steps:


Step 1: Organization of the Search (Late Summer 2021)

The search consultants meet with campus constituents, the Board of Trustees and the presidential search committee to develop an understanding of the current needs of Frederick Community College and the aspirations for the next president. The presidential search profile is developed in consultation with the presidential search committee and the Board of Trustees. Informed by the listening sessions with the constituents, the profile provides prospective candidates with a deeper understanding of the college, and also serves to guide the committee’s evaluation of prospective candidates.


Step 2: Recruitment and Screening of Prospective Candidates (Fall 2021)

The search committee and search consultants will embark on an extensive, national recruitment period to develop a deep and diverse pool of candidates who meet the current needs of the college. The committee and the consultants will solicit and accept nominations from the FCC community, as well as others, for recommendations of strong potential candidates.


Step 3: Evaluation of Candidates and Selection of Finalists (Late Fall 2021 through Early Winter 2022)

The search committee will review the pool of candidates and select a small number of candidates for invitation to an initial round of interviews. After conducting the initial round of interviews, the search committee will recommend finalists to the Board of Trustees.


Step 4: The Final Selection (Early Winter 2022)

Finalist candidates will be invited to on-campus interviews early in the winter of 2022. The candidates will meet with various constituencies of the college, including (but not limited to) the faculty, administration, staff and students, as well as interviewing with the Board of Trustees. Prior to selecting the successful candidate, the Board will collect feedback from those constituents who meet with the candidates, and will receive extensive referencing information and background checks.


Step 5: Announcement and Office-Taking (Early Spring 2022)

The announcement of the next president of Frederick Community College is expected to be made early in the spring of 2022, and the appointed candidate will take office on or about July 1, 2022.


Further updates, including the dates of the finalists’ con-campus interviews, will be announced as key milestones in the search pass.