Faculty FAQs

How do I apply for a job at FCC?

Frederick Community College accepts all applications through a web-based application process. To view available job opportunities click here

Whom should I contact in Human Resources regarding my application?

For personal assistance in applying to FCC Human Resources Office.

How do I get an FCC Faculty ID Card?

Faculty and staff ID cards are available in the Public Safety office. Hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 8:30am-9:00pm and Friday from 8:30am-5:00 pm. To contact Public Safety, call 301-846-2543.

How do I get an FCC Faculty Parking Tag?

Public Safety will issue you a hanging parking tag when you get your ID Card.

Where should I park?

Public Safety will provide detailed instructions about the lots available for faculty and staff parking. You are discouraged from parking in the student/visitor lot directly in front of Jefferson Hall (J Bldg.). If you park in a space designated for Staff/Faculty you must use your hang tag.

How do I get an FCC e-mail account and how do I access my FCC e-mail from home?

All FCC faculty and staff can have an FCC network account and a FCC e-mail account. Your account will be established by a request from your Academic Office Manager at the beginning of your first semester.

How can I get copies made for my class?

Copy services are available at FCC Printing Services day and evening. Normal operating hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Located on the second floor of A/B knuckle, they can help you with syllabi, tests, handouts, etc. Printing Services provides a variety of copy options including 3-hole punch, stapling, and a selection of paper colors. If the print shop is closed when you need to pick up a job, contact Public Safety and they can provide access. You can submit your requests a week or a day before class, but they can also copy those last minute jobs while you wait. Stop in to learn about the full scope of services, including submitting jobs electronically. Printing Services is here for all your copy needs.

Where can I get directions for submitting grades and where do I login?

Grades are submitted electronically at FCC. Click here for instructions on submitting your grades.

Where do I logon to submit my grades?

Click here to go directly to the online grading login screen.

I'm having trouble entering my grades, who can help me?

If you are having trouble entering your grades or have a question regarding student grading policies, please contact  registration & records at 301.846.2431 or email [email protected] 

What should I do if I am going to miss class?

If there is a sudden emergency that prevents you from coming to class, you are responsible for notifying your Department Academic Office Manager or your respective program manager. If they don't answer, call the FCC receptionist (301-846-2400). A class may not be canceled without the prior approval of the department chair or program manager who will help you to find a substitute. If you are absent or if you have a pending unavoidable absence, you are responsible for the completion of a Classroom Absence Form, available from your respective Academic Office.

Where and what are Faculty Mailboxes? Do I have one?

Each faculty member has an assigned mailbox in Mailroom, located in the Knuckle, between A and B buildings. An alphabetic list is located on the wall to help you. You should check your mailbox each time you are on campus. Important information from your department and the college will be placed there for you. If you don't find your name, contact your Academic Office Manager.

Where can I find a phone number?

Faculty and Staff phone numbers are listed alphabetically by clicking here.

How do I use the Testing Center?

Visit the Testing Center webpage here.

Are there Professional Development activities available for Adjunct Faculty?

FCC offers numerous professional development opportunities for Adjunct Faculty each semester. For detailed information contact the Center for Teaching and Learning at 301-846-2521. A limited amount of funding is available to reimburse adjunct faculty for their professional development activities each semester and the reimbursement is handled through the Center for Teaching and Learning. To access updated professional development events, go to http://calendar.frederick.edu

What is "Blackboard" and how do I use it?

Blackboard is a web based learning system. It is used for all on-line classes offered by FCC. It is a complete course management system. In addition to on-line teaching it has been used with traditional classroom courses to augment the learning experience. Faculty uses include the presentation of class materials and images, to post course discussion boards or to make important course announcements. Because Blackboard requires a certain level of computer competence, approval for use must be obtained from your Department Chair. An introductory course in Blackboard is required. To use Blackboard in on-line courses contact Kim Jacob via [email protected] or via telephone at 301-846-2401.

Is there support for including experiential or service learning activities into the curriculum?

The Office of Student Life works with faculty to help create co-curricular events for students. When we refer to co-curricular we are talking about those "out of the classroom" experiences that purposefully build upon what is taught in class. Co-curricular programs serve as a learning laboratory, or an environment of sheltered risk, that challenge students to apply the principals and theories of the academic discipline to real life situations. As the compliment to in class learning, the co-curricular experience is the bridge between knowledge and theory and practical application and proven competence. Contact Jeanni Winston Muir @ [email protected] for more information. If you have ideas for a new event contact Jeanni Winston Muir at 301-846-2489 or [email protected]  Mini-grants are available if you need funding.

What services are available in the FCC Library?

For all your Library information and orientation needs, visit the Learning Commons webpage.

How do I change my address, phone number, home e-mail address or bank information at the college?

It is imperative to keep your personnel information up to date. If you have moved, changed banks, phone numbers, or e-mail addresses, you should contact your Academic Office Manager. If you have changed banks, you will be required to stop by the Human Resources Office in Administrative Services Bldg (G Bldg.) to complete a new direct deposit form. You will need to bring along a voided check for this change. To establish a new FCC e-mail account contact your Department Academic Office Manager.

Where do I get guidance and information regarding my payroll?

For detailed information on withholding, pay dates and payroll information, you should contact Jeff Kotroba at 240.629.7856 or [email protected]

How do I learn to use the technology in the classrooms?

An orientation session is held before each term begins by the Office of Learning Technologies during the Adjunct Orientation. Faculty unable to attend this important session may contact the Center for Teaching and Learning at 301-846-2521 for information on other sessions. The Office of Learning Technologies also holds Open Lab sessions during the course of the semester in L201. For detailed information on the Open Lab Sessions, contact Sandra Marshall at 301-846-2643 or [email protected]

What support services are available to students?

The college provides a range of student support services to assist students in meeting the educational requirements of their course of study: Counseling, advising, career services, and disability access services are located in the Enrollment Services Building J201 Section 6.10 of the Faculty Handbook. Multicultural Student Support Program is located in A-106. See Section 6.10 of the Faculty Handbook.

Are tutoring services and assistance programs available for my students?

The college provides free tutorial services to students currently enrolled in FCC courses. Tutorial services clarify, supplement, and enhance individual study and classroom instruction. Tutoring is available for most courses and students can work with a tutor individually or in small groups. Drop-in tutoring is also available in some subject areas. All in-person tutoring takes place on campus. To obtain a tutor, a "request for tutoring" card must be completed and returned to the tutorial services office in the Learning Commons, L227. Cards are available in the tutorial services office, the writing center (L225), the math learning center (B112), and counseling (J-201). Call 301-846 2523 or email the program manager for further information.

Writing Center

The Writing Center provides students, faculty, and staff one-on-one help with all types of writing. This includes supporting faculty with assigning writing. Brochures about all of our resources and bookmarks with hours and workshop schedules are available in L225 or they can be delivered to a campus mailbox by requests.

A student has given me a Student Success Plan which identifies classroom accommodations available to the student based on a disability. Who should I contact with questions or concerns?

Disability Access Services (DAS) provides Student Success Plans to eligible students with disabilities. The plans outline the reasonable accommodations that a student is entitled to under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and ADA and amendments. Faculty are encouraged to contact the office to fully discuss the individual needs of their student, as appropriate. Disability Access Services (DAS) is located in Annapolis Hall, A-105, and can be reached by phone at 301.846.2408.

A student has told me that they are unable to afford the cost of the textbook for my course. Are there any resources to assist the student?

The Emergency Books Scholarship applications are available in Career and Planning Services (CAPS) (J-201, 301.846.2471), Adult Services (A-103, 301.846.2483) and Financial Aid (J-301, 301.846.2620).

Where should I refer students who have questions about payment for their college education?

Financial Aid administers a variety of financial aid programs as well as FCC scholarships. The office is located in J-301, 301-846-2480.

How should I deal with a student demonstrating disruptive classroom behavior?

If a student's behavior is disruptive to the teaching/learning process, the instructor should refer to the Classroom Behavior Procedure and: explain that such behavior is unacceptable and describe the consequences if the behavior continues. If the behavior continues, the instructor may ask the student to leave the room for the remainder of the class time. If the student does not leave willingly, the instructor may request the assistance from Public Safety (301-846-2453). The instructor should inform their respective supervisor immediately. The instructor and student should meet to resolve the issue as soon as possible and prior to the time the student is permitted to attend class again. If after discussion, the student refuses to comply with the classroom behavior standards, the instructor should complete a written report (Disruptive Classroom Behavior Report) and submit it to his/her supervisor. The supervisor will then initiate Formal Resolution Procedures in accordance with the Classroom Behavior Procedure and if applicable, Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Policies and Procedures. Faculty are encouraged to seek consultation from college personnel as early as possible in an attempt to avoid a situation from escalating to the point where potential disciplinary action is required. For additional assistance and consultation contact the Counseling & Advising Department, J201, 301-846-2471. Faculty should also seek consultation from their Department Chair.

How can I contact the IT Department Help Desk when I am working from home?

From off campus call 301.846.2509.

Is there an adjunct faculty handbook?

There is an Faculty Troubleshooting Guide If you did not receive your Faculty Troubleshooting Guide, please contact The Center for Teaching & Learning, ext. 2521, or your Academic Office Manager. This guide gives you a great overall guide for navigating through FCC as an adjunct faculty member.

Do you have feedback, comments or suggestions for this page?

If you have feedback, comments or suggestions for this page, please contact Ruth Flores at 301-846-2521. You may also e-mail your comments to her via e-mail  [email protected]