New Adjunct and Full-time Faculty Orientation

Welcome to Frederick Community College! We value the vital role you play in providing FCC students with quality educational experiences. As part of your introduction to the College, you are required to participate in an orientation process that reviews best practices, focuses on pertinent college policies and procedures, and includes training.  



Orientation Video Series

Designed for new adjunct and full time faculty, the New Faculty Orientation Video Series addresses pertinent topics related to teaching at Frederick Community College. This series includes the information covered during the face-to-face new faculty orientation held during the beginning of fall and spring semesters.


Part 1: Introduction

Focuses on the role of the faculty member, role of the syllabus, essential information and contacts


Part 2: Grades, Attendance, and FERPA

Reviews processes, deadlines, and policies related to grade and attendance reporting, as well as student privacy rights

Click here for Attendance Reporting Instructions and due dates


Part 3: Academic Integrity and Disruptive Behavior

Provides an overview of the Student Code of Conduct policy and procedures related to addressing violations of academic integrity and disruptive behavior


Part 4: Academic and Student Support
Focuses on the Student Success Alert, academic and student support services (e.g., Tutoring and Writing Center, STEM Learning Center, Testing Center, Career and Planning Services (CAPS)); reviews the purpose of the Student Success Plan and the support provided by the Disability Access Services Office. Includes FCC’s non-discrimination and Title IX statement.


Part 5: Adjunct Faculty Safety & Emergency Response Workshop
Online Video Workshop with Quiz!  The Adjunct Faculty Safety and Emergency Response video reviews essential information related to FCC safety and emergency response procedures.  The nine-minute video integrates quiz questions as you watch the video.  Enter your name and College email address in order to proceed to the video.