Printing Services

Printing Services, located in the Upper A/B Knuckle (directly above the mail room), is equipped with black & white and color copiers to produce materials for faculty and staff. We offer a variety of colors, sizes and weights of paper, bindery equipment including spiral, saddlestitch and glue padding, and a folder that can finish your job to fit your needs. You can use Printing Services to print your syllabus and tests, color brochures and postcards, posters (up to 11x17), tickets, programs for events, NCR forms and a variety of materials for classroom or office use.

If you need marketing materials, contact the publications office first and they will work with you to design the materials you want printed.

Printing Services also provides FCC letterhead and envelopes. These items, along with copies, are charged back to your department or office at the end of each month.

Printed but unused paper is used to create scratch pads of various sizes, which are always available for your doodling and note taking needs.

Documents you need copied can be sent as attachments to email in Word or pdf formats. Include the number of copies, date required, department name and any other important details such as stapling, folding, or color of paper. You’ll receive an email when your tests, syllabus or class notes are available for pick up at Printing Services.

If you would rather stop by Printing Services, we can answer any questions or discuss available options while you fill out a request form for the copies you need.

The days leading up to the start of a new semester are a very busy time in Printing Services. Please plan to submit your materials at least one week before you need them. There may be other times when you have a last minute request and we will be able to help you. Please call 301.846. 2454 before you stop at Staples or Kinkos!