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Transfer Credit FAQ

1. What is an official transcript?

An official transcript is a transcript that we receive from your previous institution in a sealed envelope or through one of our approved electronic vendors (approved vendors listed under Question 17). You may have it sent directly from your previous institution or you may hand-deliver a sealed copy to Registration & Records. Once an official transcript has been opened by you, it becomes unofficial. Be sure not to open the envelope. Faxed, emailed, or internet copies are considered unofficial and cannot be used for evaluation purposes. However, unofficial transcripts may be used to waive Reading/Writing/Math placement tests or other pre-requisites if the courses are determined to be equivalent to FCC courses.
2. How do I request an official transcript from my previous college?

This varies from college to college, but more than likely you will need to contact the Registrar's office at your previous institution and they can provide you with information on how to request it.
3. I went to a college/university in another country. What do I need to do?

Credit may be granted for coursework completed at a foreign college or university based upon the evaluation of a credentialing service who determines equivalency to United States college credits and curriculum. When requesting an evaluation from the service, students should specify they want a “course-by-course” evaluation and request that an official transcript be sent to the FCC Registration and Records Office. FCC recommends choosing the credentialing service SpanTran or World Education Services (WES); however, we will accept evaluations from approved members of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES).
4. How long will it take for my evaluation to be completed?

Once we receive your transcript in Registration & Records, it typically takes 2 weeks for a transfer evaluation to be completed. However, at peak times in the registration cycle, this turnaround time may increase. During the weeks right before and after a new term begins, it can take as long as 3-4 weeks to complete your evaluation. If we require more information on a course or a department is reviewing course content, evaluations may be delayed as well.
5. How will I know when my evaluation is complete?

When we have completed your evaluation, we send an email to your MyFCC email account. Once you receive that email, you can sign into your PeopleSoft account to view your unofficial transcript and/or your transfer credit report. Instructions on how to view your FCC transcript will be included in the notification email.
6. I am looking at my unofficial transcript and/or my transfer credit report. Why didn't you transfer in everything?

We evaluate your transcript based upon the major you have declared at FCC. A maximum of 45 credits may be awarded from any combination of traditional and non-traditional coursework.

For students transferring from any University System of Maryland (USM) college, all applicable general education coursework with a grade of "D" or above will be accepted in transfer. For non-general education coursework from a USM college, grades of "D" will be accepted only if the calculated GPA for the block of non-general education transfer courses is 2.0 or higher. However, in programs of study that require a "C" or better for all coursework, a "D" will not transfer.

For students transferring from outside the University System of Maryland (USM), grades of "D" will be accepted only if the cumulative GPA is 2.0 or higher. General Education courses need no further GPA calculation at that point but non-General Education courses with grades of “D” will be accepted only if the calculated GPA for the block of non-general education transfer courses is 2.0 or higher. However, in programs of study that require a "C" or better for all coursework, a "D" will not transfer.

If you already have a degree and have declared the program ‘Courses of Interest’ (non-degree seeking) at FCC, we only transfer in equivalent courses to waive potential pre-requisites and enter placement test exemptions. If you ever change your major we will re-evaluate your transcript(s) based upon your new major and catalog year.
7. Why didn't you transfer in my English/Math/Science courses?

It is possible that the courses you took are considered developmental or are not equivalent to FCC's courses and we cannot transfer them. In the case of Maryland Community Colleges or USM 4-year Colleges, if you completed the highest level of developmental coursework for English or Math, we may exempt you from placement testing.
8. I went to another college and they accepted all of my credits.

Transfer credit policies differ by institution and state. FCC abides by MHEC guidelines and our institutional policies when evaluating transfer credit. Those policies can be found in FCC's academic catalog and on our website.
9. You didn't post transfer credit from all of the colleges I attended. Why?

We evaluate transcripts as they are received and rarely hold transcripts for processing. We award credit as evaluations of each transcript are completed. When other transcripts arrive, we evaluate and award any additional applicable credit and send notification to your myFCC email once complete. If all of your transcripts have arrived and we haven't awarded transfer credit from a particular college, it could be those courses weren't needed for your major. If you think there is an error or we missed a course please contact us at [email protected].
10. How do I change my major?

Students are required to meet with an Advisor to change their major. Once you have explored all of the implications of changing your major, a Change of Major form will be submitted to Registration & Records. Make sure you check the box on the form indicating that you have previously sent transcripts.
11. I am an FCC student, but I want to take a course at another institution. What should I do to make sure FCC will accept the course in transfer?

Before you register for a course at another institution, complete the Verification of Transferability Form and submit it to Registration & Records. Forms must have your actual signature on the form to be processed.
12. I'm transferring to another college before I receive my degree from FCC. If I take courses there, can I transfer them back to FCC to complete my degree?

Click here to learn more about Reverse Transfer.
13. I took a course at another institution that I also earned credit for at FCC. Can I still transfer it in?

No. Transfer credit cannot be awarded for a course if credit has already been earned at FCC.
14. The grade I got at another institution is better than the one I got at FCC for the same course. Can I transfer it in and improve my GPA?

No. Transfer credit cannot be awarded for a course if credit has already been earned at FCC and only courses taken at FCC are calculated in your GPA. However, the higher grade may be used in point calculations for Allied Health programs with competitive entry standards.
15. I failed a course at FCC, but passed it at another institution. If I transfer it in, will my GPA improve?

Yes. Starting with the Academic Catalog year 2018-2019, if you fail a course at FCC and later transfer that same course (pending all other transfer policies are satisfied first) the failed FCC course will be excluded from the GPA. It will not be removed from your record but the GPA will be excluded. Transferred courses are not calculated into the FCC GPA.
16. There are only a couple of weeks before the semester starts and I haven't submitted official transcripts to FCC. I want to register for classes. What can I do?

If you haven't already done so, you should apply to FCC. Once your application has been submitted, request official transcripts from all institutions you've attended and have them sent to FCC. You should also obtain unofficial copies of those transcripts and meet with a member of our Career & Academic Planning Services. The unofficial transcripts can be used to select courses and discuss program completion while the official transcript evaluation is in progress.
17. How do I send transcripts electronically?

If you plan to have your incoming official transcript from another college sent through a third party service such as Scrip-Safe, National Student Clearinghouse, Parchment, etc. Please use the following email address when prompted, [email protected]. If your chosen provider (examples listed previously) lists Frederick Community College as a receiver, you may select the institution name instead of providing an individual email address. Some services will list the institution name and some will require an email address. A Transfer Evaluator will be able to assist you with questions regarding the sending and receiving of electronic transcripts to FCC.
18. Do I need to take a Placement Test?

Please visit the Testing Guide to view options on how to qualify for placement test exemptions.  If you qualify for any of these please send official or unofficial documents to [email protected] for review.

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