Bid Board

Frederick Community College will advertise/post all large dollar solicitations on the electronic commerce system, eMaryland Marketplace Advantage, administered by the Maryland Department of General Services. Vendors should visit eMaryland Marketplace Advantage to register. There is no fee.

The solicitation document or instructions will be posted on the Frederick Community College Purchasing web site bid board solicitation section.

For those bids/solicitations which may be downloaded, please be advised that the Purchasing Office does not notify or monitor the firms which have downloaded these documents from our website. Therefore, it is the total responsibility of the bidders to ensure that they continue to monitor the College's website for any posted amendments, addenda or clarifications prior to submitting their bid or proposals and duly acknowledge receipt of said amendments or addenda on the proper bid form. Failure to do so may cause rejection of a bid or proposal.

Prospective bidders who have received information or documents from sources other than directly from Frederick Community College's purchasing website or appointed contact person, should immediately download the official documents from our website. The College cannot be held responsible for incorrect/incomplete information or instructions that where obtained from other sources.

Bidders assume the responsibility of downloading solicitation documents and addendums from this website prior to submission of their bid or proposal. Frederick Community College assumes no liability for damages incurred directly or indirectly as a result of errors, omissions, discrepancies, unauthorized modifications of electronic data, errors in transmission, browser in compatibilities, and/ or other aspects of electronic communications that are beyond the control of the College.

To view a current solicitation, click on the Bid Board Solicitations Link below. The solicitation documents and any applicable plans, specifications or instructions will be provided through a link listed under the associated Solicitation Title column. Addendums, if issued, will be listed under the addendum column. These documents are in PDF format. To view and print this file you must have Acrobat Reader. Computers purchased within the past few years generally have Acrobat Reader installed, but if you need to it is available free from Adobe at:

Bid Board Solicitations Link


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