Procurement Methods

Purchasing is accomplished by using various methods:

Requests for Quotations (RFQ) are normally used for purchases valued below $25,000, unless the complexity of the terms and conditions requires the added controls of the formal bid process. The quotation is awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible vendor.

Formal Competitive Sealed Bids are used for purchases valued at $25,000 or higher. The Request for Bid (RFB) is a formal procurement method utilizing detailed specifications, advertising and a Public Bid Opening at a prescribed time and date. Bid openings are held in the Purchasing Department, unless otherwise stated. Contracts resulting from the bid process may be for a one-time purchase or a term contract.

A Sole Source Purchase If approved by the Vice President for Administration, can be exempt from quotation and bid requirements. For any commodity to be considered a sole source item, it must be the only product which will produce the desired result, and only one source is available or only one source meets a specific need.

Emergencies An emergency purchase is one that is sudden and unexpected occurrence or condition that could not be reasonably foreseen and which poses an actual and immediate threat to safety or normal operation of the College. Normal procedures are waived, but competition is used where possible for these purchases required to protect life and/or to prevent substantial economic loss or interruption of services and operations.

Request for Proposal (RFP) are normally used for purchases valued below $25,000 or higher, when it is not possible to identify exact specifications and/or if the issues of "how to achieve the desired results" is best left up to the vendor to propose. The RFP may also be used when factors other than price must be considered in selecting a vendor. Awards are based on evaluation of a selection committee, which rates each proposal against the published selection criteria. The Request for Proposals method may only be used at the recommendation of the Purchasing Director with the Vice President for Administration's approval.