FY2018 Requests for Bid (RFB)

Solicitation Number Solicitation Title Awards Amount
19-FP-03 Access Control HW Parts HP Secure $407,070.00
19-FP-04 Door HW & Hollow Metal Door & Frame Replacement (D&F) A & S Unlimited Construction LLC $46,689
18-FP-15 Building E,RenovationAE Murphy &Dittenhafer $459,490.00
18-FP-16 Building E,RenovationCM

Turner Construction
Actual Construction

18-FP-22 Jefferson Hall Furniture Price Modern $111,506.00
18-FS-01 Evaluation Services for Grants Evaluation Services for Future  Opportunities  
18-FS-02 Insurance Brokers BB&T $40,000
RFP 18-LS-01 ASL Interpreting Services (Primary Award)   Sign Language USA  $0
RFP 18-LS-01 ASL Interpreting Services (Secondary Award) HIS Sign $0
RFB 18-OPS-01 Snow Removal Services Barrick and Sons LLC $0
RFP 18-IT-01 Switch Upgrade Services Convergence Technology Consulting LLC $238,307.00
RFP 18-FP-01 CM at Risk with GMP, J Building Reconfiguration J. Vinton Schafer and Sons (Quandel) $352,996.00
RFP 18-FP-02 AE Services, J Building Reconfiguration MSB Architects $143,616.00
RFB 18-FP-01 Monroe Center Security Cameras Intertech Security $28,930.00
RFP 18-AU-01 Snacks, Food, Hot and Cold Beverages Vending Services Vending Plus, Inc $0
RFP 18-AU-02 Cougar Grille, Smooth Joe's, Bookstore Fountain Rights Coca Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated $0
RFP #17-IT-02 Fiber Installation and Conduit Repair Skyline Technologies Solutions $34,060.00
RFB #16-FP-02 Construction Services for Respiratory Care Relocation GRC General Contractor, Inc. $78,674.00
RFP #16-IT-01 Installation of Fiber Optic Cable ConCor Networks, Inc. $59,565.00
RFP #16-HR-01 Administration Services for FSA, HSA and COBRA Navia (FSA/COBRA). $4,902.00
RFP #16-HR-02 Group Medical, Rx, Vision, Dental, Life & LTD Insurance MetLife (Life/LTD). $162,501.00
RFP #16-HR-02 Group Medical, Rx, Vision, Dental, Life & LTD Insurance Cigna (All else, including HSA). $4,041,669.00
RFB #16-FP-01 Construction Services for Linganore Hall (Bldg L) Learning Commons Renovation GRC General Contractor Inc. $902,313.00
RFB #15-FP-04 Construction Services for Athletic Fields Restroom Facility JCS Communications $98,900.00
RFB #15-FP-03 Construction Services for Building B Academic Hall Reconfiguration NTC/Mazzuca Contracting $4,849,082.00
RFB #15-FP-02 Construction Services for Campus Wide Exterior Signage and Gateways Gable Signs and Graphics $799,958.35
RFP #14-FP-04 Design Services for Campus Wide Exterior and Interior Way Finding Signage Ayers Saint Gross $92,350.00
RFP #14-FP-02 Architectural Services for Building B Reconfiguration and Conversion Grimm & Parker $646,820.00
RFP #14-FP-01 Construction Services for Building C - New Addition and Renovation Tuckman-Barbee Construction Co., Inc. $8,087,103.00
RFP #13-PR-01 Presidential Search Consulting Services RH Perry and Associates $60,136.00
RFP #13-FP-04 Construction Services for Buildings A & G Interior Renovations Rockwell Construction, Inc. $197,000.00
RFP #13-CE-01 On Line Registration Software for Continuing Education Enrollments Augusoft Lumens $136,689.00
RFB #13-MPR-01 Printing Services for Non-Credit Schedules Indiana Printing $59,917.65
RFP #12-FS-02 Campus Cold Beverage Vending Services and Pouring Rights Pepsi Beverages Company 0
RFP #12-FS-01 College Snacks, Food and Hot Beverage Vending Services Royalle Services Inc. 0
RFP #12-F-01 College Banking Services BB&T 0
RFB #12-IT-02 College Telephone and Maintenance Optivor $16,918.00
RFB #12-FP-03 Building F Renovations and New Construction Broughton Construction $3,261,882.00 (including add alternates, 2A, 2B, 2C, 3 and 4)
RFB #12-FP-02 JBK Theater Lighting Dimming Controls Replacement Dixie Electric $87,950.00
RFB #12-FP-01 Construction Services for Interior Renovation for B/C Knuckle, Room KC-200 Waynesboro Const. $30,900.00
RFB #11-FP-08 Construction of Interior Renovation of F & L Bldgs I.M.I. Inc.   $580,000.00
RFB #11-FP-07 Architectural & Construction Administrative Services Building C Bushey, Feights, Morin Architects $492,124.00
RFB #11-FP-06 Enrollment Services Bldg Waynesboro Const.   $4,168,041.00
RFB #11-FP-04 Kiln Building JCS Communications   $126,423.00
RFB #11-FP-03 Construction of Parking Lot Expansion Pool & Son's Excavating   $370,000.00
RFB #11-FP-02 Softball Field Dugouts JCS Communications   $38,410.00
RFP #11-IT-01a Simulation Teaching Lab Equip & Software Educational Mngmt. Solutions   $88,935.00
RFP #11-IT-01 College Wide Website Redesign Vision Internet $40,040.00
RFP #11-FP-05 Parking Garage Construction Folger Pratt $5,010,000.00
RFP #11-FP-01 Professional Services for Facilities Condition Assessment EMG $74,000.00