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Frederick Community College offers over one hundred credit courses online each semester. Our online courses give students a convenient, flexible learning experience with the same quality instruction we offer on campus. FCC works with Quality Matters — a nationally recognized program for quality assurance in course design — to review, revise, and certify our online courses. Courses that have been certified by Quality Matters are marked by a QM on our online course listing. All online courses are managed through Blackboard.


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Online courses provide flexible, convenient educational opportunities for students who are unable to attend classes on campus. However, online courses are not less demanding or time consuming than on-campus courses. Students should plan to spend 9-12 hours each week on coursework for each 15 week 3-credit course. Accelerated courses require additional out of class time each week. Online courses require a high level of self-motivation, discipline and independence. Students need basic computer skills, such as managing files, handling e-mail, and attaching or uploading documents to succeed in online courses. Take the Self-Assessment Quiz to see if online courses are a good fit for you.


Computer & Internet Basics    wireless

& Internet Basics    wireless


To successfully participate in an online course or online component of an on-campus course you need a basic knowledge about your computer and how to perform frequent tasks, such as managing files, handling e-mail, and attaching or uploading documents. Students should have basic familiarity with the Internet, including locating web sites, downloading files, participating in chats or discussion lists using email, including attaching files to e-mail communications. Click the links below to view tutorials on the computer and internet basics you’ll need to know.


Technology RequirementsComputer icon

RequirementsComputer icon


Before registering for a course, make sure to review the software requirements. For example, some courses may require that students have access to particular software applications. It will also be helpful to have a backup plan in case you have technical difficulties and are unable to use your computer for any period of time.


The course management system adopted by FCC is Blackboard Learn version 9.1. All of the requirements below refer to compatibility with Blackboard 9.1. Blackboard is integrated into almost all courses at Frederick Community College. Since you are required to use Blackboard in your courses, it is necessary that you have access to a computer, laptop, or tablet.


Internet Access

You must have access to the Internet. A broadband Internet connection is preferred, but not required. It will be helpful to have a back-up plan in the event that you have technical difficulties and are unable to use your internet connection for any period of time. FCC’s Learning Commons is open during normal operating hours, and has many open use computers available for you.


Supported Operating Systems and Browsers

We recommend that your device is fairly current, and all of your software is up-to-date. In order for Blackboard to function properly on your computer, you must use a compatible operating system and web browser. To verify that your device is up-to-date, click here. To check the supported browsers, plugins and operating systems supported by Blackboard, click here.


Software Requirements

Before registering for a course, be sure that you have checked the software requirements. Some courses may require students to have access to specific software applications. Frederick Community College provides all students and employees with Microsoft Office 365 for home use. For instructions on how to obtain your free install, please click here.



FCC provides every student with an email address. You are required to use this email address for all communication regarding classes. To access your email, please click here. Instructions for how to log in to your email address are on the login page.


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Take the Self-Assessment Quiz to determine if online courses are a good fit for you.

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View the technology requirements (above) to ensure your computer meets the basic system requirements for online courses.

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View the Online Courses schedule, search the appropriate semester, and select a course that interests you. Click the name of the course to view the course description, course availability, and instructor name (if assigned). Contact the instructor with any course-specific questions. Pay close attention to the course type. ONL (online) courses are delivered completely online, while HYB (hybrid) courses are delivered in a blended on-campus and online format. Hybrid classes may have required, regularly scheduled class meeting dates or other on-site requirements. For a full explanation of the various formats review the FCC Course Format Definitions.

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Questions? Contact the Center for Distributed Learning Office: 301.846.2401.