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Arts & Humanities ARTS & humanities
The arts are fundamental to the experience of being human. They shape how we imagine the world and how we communicate what we see. They are the cornerstone of envisioning better futures, and understanding our current moment.  

Social Sciences Business
Developing core skills and gaining foundational knowledge that employers value provides opportunities to take on many roles in a variety of industries. Gain a strong understanding of business and have flexibility in the type of career you choose.  

Social Sciences education & childcare
Make an impact that goes beyond the classroom. Early Childhood Education provides opportunities for those who have a genuine interest in children and want to play a crucial role in shaping their academic and social development. Prepare for a career that offers a variety of roles in diverse settings.

Social Sciences Healthcare

Earn a Workforce Training Certificate at Frederick Community College. Gain industry-recognized certification with the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) by developing your skills, enhancing your credentials and preparing for success. Affordable, convenient and flexible program includes American Academy of Professional Coders exam fees and one-year AAPC membership. 


Information Technology Information Technology

Information technology (IT) careers play a critical role in our personal and professional lives and in the functioning of businesses and society as a whole. IT professionals utilize technical skills and problem-solving to drive innovation and enhance productivity. The continued development and adoption of technology heavily relies on the contributions of IT professionals.


Pubic Safety Public safety
Public Safety careers are essential for maintaining the well-being of our population. The professionals in these roles are dedicated to protecting and serving communities, providing the first line of defense during emergencies, and preventing harm and providing the security of individuals, communities, and nations.  

Social Science Social Science and General Studies
Social science and general studies are integral in the development of responsible and active citizens. These fields are fundamental in a liberal arts education and offer a deep and comprehensive understanding of human behavior and society. They enable us to examine the complexities of the world and gain an understanding of societal challenges, cultural awareness, and interconnectedness in society.

STEM professionals think critically and work across scientific disciplines to solve challenging problems. Their skills and expertise are critical in driving progress and innovation across various industries. Prepare for a career in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math.

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