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Course Formats


Note: When registering for classes, please consider the course format, meeting dates and times, and location(s) for in-person participation, as well as requirements for real-time virtual instruction. Students must allow appropriate transition times between classes to account for different meeting requirements and/or locations.


What are Flex Classes?

Starting in the Spring 2022 semester select sections of certain courses will be identified as FLEX.  In a FLEX class, faculty use classroom technology to either record or live stream a class. This means faculty can: 

  • Record classes so students can review the content later  
  • Enable students to access course content when they are unable to attend  
  • Provide students with the opportunity to attend class in person, virtually or access content online, providing maximum flexibility (HY-FLEX only) 
FLEX classes are identified in Peoplesoft: 
Course Capture: In a Course Capture section, the faculty member records every class meeting, making the recordings available on Blackboard for at least thirty days. Students can watch the recordings if they want to revisit course content or if they missed class that day. Please be aware: 
  • There is an expectation that students attend class regularly. Students may be penalized for non-participation or missed assessments. Course Capture does not excuse absences, it ensures that students can access content they missed  
  • These videos are intended for students in the class ONLY. They should not be made public or shared outside of the class 
  • While the camera and microphone will be on the faculty, there is a chance a student may be recorded. If this is a concern, students should choose a class section that is not designated Course Capture 
  • Not every class is right for Course Capture  
  • There may be elements of a class that are not recorded (class breaks, small group activities, in class exams, or class discussions of a sensitive nature). The primary focus of Course Capture is recording the lecture 
  • Some course capture classes may provide audio only 
HY-FLEX: A HY-FLEX class allows a student to choose, on a day-by-day basis, whether they attend class in person, virtually, or asynchronously (accessing information online) – based on their needs or preference.  
  • The professor will be teaching from their designated classroom 
  • Not every class is right for HY-FLEX 





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