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The FCC Testing Center provides professional assessment services designed to enhance student learning, promote academic success, and support the diverse educational goals of all Frederick County residents. Our department is committed to providing all of our students, faculty, and community members with exceptional customer service while maintaining a learning environment which supports academic integrity and rigor.

This fall, the FCC Testing Center offers two ways for students to complete placement testing, in-person or remote.  Complete your free testing now to proceed towards enrolling for fall classes.

Photo ID is requires for ALL placement testing options


Free Placement Testing Options: By Appointment Only!


On-Campus placement testing in Student Center, H217

  1. Make an appointment using the online exam registration tool, Registerblast.  Same-day scheduling is subject to availability of seats. Find the email confirmation of the appointment, ensure that the email address was typed in correctly so that a reminder can be received one day before the appointment.
  2. Review the Guidelines for In-Person Testing Center Services During COVID-19 under the “On Campus” tab at
  3. Follow the Guidelines when arriving on campus and please do not forget to bring a photo ID.
Examity® automated proctored testing for students with a Mac, PC, or Chromebook testing remotely, or outside of normal business hours (nights and weekends)
  1. Check email for a message with the subject line: Remote Voucher Notification from “[email protected]” or request a testing voucher using the Test Voucher Request Form.
  2. Ensure the voucher lists all of the placement tests needed. Changes to the voucher can be requested by submitting the Test Voucher Request Form (please allow at least 1 business day for processing).
  3. Follow the instructions for creating an Examity® account and scheduling an appointment.
  4. Use the Examity® automated proctoring service to complete a virtual online test available 24/7—FCC covers the cost of this service and no payment will be collected from students. Same-day testing available after creating your Examity® account.
  5. Upon completion of testing, results will display on the screen, emailed to the student, and available immediately to FCC
  6. Follow up with an advisor and make an appointment with an advisor.

Learn more about what to do on test day!
Not everyone needs to take reading, writing, and math placement tests! There are some exemptions from testing that you may meet because of courses or tests you have taken in the past. A list of testing exemptions can be found on our popular Testing Guide. If you have documentation of these exemptions, please send them to the Registration Office at: [email protected].

For questions or assistance, please contact the FCC Testing Center at [email protected].


Testing Center: Code of Conduct


All test candidates and visitors are expected to follow the FCC Code of Student Conduct, which includes guidelines on Academic Integrity as well as the regulations established by the National College Testing Association.



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