Placement Tests & Exemption Information Placement Tests & Exemption Information

Placement Tests & Exemption Information

Free Placement Testing 

Appointments are encouraged for placement testing.


ID Required

Acceptable forms of ID include original (no copies or alterations accepted):

  • Driver’s license 
  • High School ID 
  • Military ID 
  • Middle School ID 
  • State or federal approved ID 
  • College ID 
  • Passport 
  • Tribal ID card 
  • Naturalization card or certificate of citizenship
  • ACCUPLACER Student ID Form

Test On Campus


Take your placement test in Linganore Hall, L204

  1. Self-register for an appointment using Registerblast so we can save a seat in the FCC Testing Center for you!  Same-day scheduling may be available, please contact the Testing Center to confirm.
  2. Find the email confirmation of the appointment, ensure that the email address was typed in correctly so that a reminder can be received one day before the appointment.
  3. Follow the Guidelines for In-Person Testing Center Services, found under “On Campus Test Appointments” when testing on campus. Please do not forget to bring acceptable form of photo ID.
  4. Upon completion of testing, results will display on the screen and sent to your email.
  5. Make an appointment with your advisor and register for classes.


Guidelines for Students without Photo ID

ACCUPLACER Student ID Form Procedure

Students who do not possess an acceptable form of photo ID may complete the ACCUPLACER Student ID Form prior to testing. The form is valid for one year from signature date.

  1. Complete the form with the student’s name, signature, date, and date of birth.
  2. Affix a current photograph of the student, which must closely resemble the student’s appearance on test day.
  3. Present the form to a school official or notary:
    • SCHOOL OFFICIAL AT FCC: Present this form, along with documentation that includes a photo and name to an Advisor in Career & Academic Planning Services (CAPS) for signature.  If the student does not possess anything with a name and photo on it, the student’s identification may be verified through using the photo ID of the Emergency Contact listed on the student’s application. The Emergency Contact may provide their photo ID in-person or video conference. Please visit Career & Academic Planning Services for more information.
    • SCHOOL OFFICIAL AT SECONDARY SCHOOL: Present this form to a school official where the student attends/attended for signature.  Letterhead or business card of the school official affixed to the form is acceptable.
    • NOTARY PUBLIC: This form may be notarized for students who are minors who will need to be accompanied by a credible witness in lieu of an ID and appear before the notarial officer.
  4. On the ACCUPLACER Student ID Form, there are 3 signature lines dedicated for use on test day. The student will sign one of the lines in front of the testing staff each time they visit the FCC Testing Center when presenting this form of ID for testing.  This form is also valid for remote testing.


Testing Exemptions


Looking to skip the placement testing requirement? There are some exemptions from testing that you may meet because of courses or tests you have taken in the past. A list of testing exemptions can be found on our popular Testing Guide. If you have documentation of these exemptions, please send them to the Registration Office at: [email protected].
Learn more about what to do on Test Day

For questions or assistance, please contact the FCC Testing Center at [email protected].



Testing Center: Code of Conduct


All test candidates and visitors are expected to follow the FCC Code of Student Conduct, which includes guidelines on Academic Integrity as well as the regulations established by the National College Testing Association.



Preparing For The Test

Questions about Placement Testing




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