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Pre-Term Checklist

Things to remember before you start your course.


Proctored Tests and Exams: Instruction

Proctor Agreement Form: (View)  (Download)


Time on Task

This tool was designed to assist faculty with planning their courses and comply with Federal Credit Hour guidelines. You can estimate an average time-on-task for 19 different areas.


Copy "Weeks and Dates" to your Announcements

All online courses use an internal chronology of assignment weeks or units. "Weeks and Dates" gives you the link to actual Fall, Spring and Summer calendars.


Copyright Questions

Your course website in Blackboard must have one Copyright Notice that identifies copyrighted materials from publishers and/or other sources including Creative Commons.


Academic Integrity Pledge Form

Students in online courses are required to sign the Academic Integrity Pledge. To make sure that you and your students work from the same set of expectations. Here is some Sample Language that may serve as a point of reference in case of a violation.


Disruptive Student Behavior

Disruptive behavior means conduct that substantially interferes with the teaching and learning process in the context of a virtual or on-campus classroom. For any questions contact the Center for Distributed Learning.


Interactive Student Scheduling Tool

Failure to schedule sufficient time for a course is the most frequent reason for failing to complete it. Copy and paste the URL below into your communication with the student.


Syllabus Template for Online and Hybrid Courses (Download)


Copy Content into a New Course Shell

How do you copy selected content from a master course or previous version of a course into a new course shell?


Blackboard: Tutorials 'How-to' Options

Blackboard Manual: Menu Options

Blackboard Manual: Videos


Faculty Certificates and Training

- Blackboard - COAT - Quality Matters -


Teaching Online Tutorial

What is involved in Teaching Online? Best Practices. To-do lists before, during and after the semester.


Your Faculty Assist Team – IT Support

Your Faculty Assist Team can be contacted during regular hours Monday to Saturday from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM during the semester. Depending on the traffic, expect a reply between 2 and 4 hours.

Training and Certifications


Blackboard Basics:

Blackboard Basics identifies a skill set of 21 items that are essential to adding web-enhanced components to your companion website or to teaching online successfully. Mastery of these skills is demonstrated by completing the BB Basics Tutorials online or in the BB Basics workshop. Contact the Center for Distributed Learning or consult the Professional Development calendar for dates.


BB Basics Tutorial / Test-Out



Certificate of Completion (BB Basics)
Completion of the BB Basics Tutorial is required in order to successfully add web-enhanced components to your course.




Blackboard Advanced:

Blackboard Advanced identifies a skill set of 43 items that are essential to teaching an online or hybrid course. You acquire these skills by attending one of FCC's BB Advanced workshops. Contact the Center for Distributed Learning or consult the Professional Development calendar for dates.


BB Advanced Skills Inventory


Teaching Online Tutorial:

Frederick Community College has adopted the standards of Quality Matters to create and monitor the design of its online and hybrid courses. Familiarity with the 43 quality standards is essential to teaching an online or hybrid course. You acquire these skills by attending one of FCC's QM workshops. Contact the Office of Distance Learning for dates.


FCC Teaching Online: Manual



Certificate for Teaching Online
The Certificate for Teaching Online confirms the acquisition of basic skills and competencies necessary for teaching online at FCC. It is awarded upon successful completion of four training segments:

  1. Blackboard Basics
  2. Blackboard Advanced
  3. The Teaching Online Tutorial OR Completion of the COAT course (preferred in cases where the instructor had no prior experience in taking an online course.
  4. Completion of the Mentoring Unit.


The Maryland Online (MOL) Certificate for Online Adjunct Teaching is awarded after successful completion of a facilitated, fully online, asynchronous training course for faculty who are interested in transitioning to teaching online. Completion of the course meets the third requirement for FCC's Online Teaching certificate and provides access to a database of COAT trained adjuncts for possible recruitment in other colleges.


Contact the Office of Distance Learning for details and sign-up.




The Distance Learning Mentoring Program is designed to partner an experienced online educator with the instructor who is new to teaching online. The mentor acts as a resource and guide for the instructor on best practices in teaching online at FCC. The mentor signs off on a unit completion questionnaire including a statement that the instructor/mentee is or is not “ready to accept online teaching assignments”.


Contact the Office of Distance Learning for details.



QM Peer Reviewer Certificate
Quality Matters is the name for a peer review protocol that is designed to assess and improve online and hybrid courses. At the heart of the review protocol is a rubric of 43 quality standards; a team of 3 trained and certified faculty members review one online or hybrid course at a time. Please consider becoming an official Peer Reviewer.


Contact the Office of Distance Learning for details and sign-up.

Questions? Contact the Center for Distributed Learning Office: 301.846.2401 • Email.