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Frederick Community College is now offering courses in a variety of formats, including in-person, online, structured remote, and hybrid remote.




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Proctured Assessments Instruction

Proctor Agreement Form


Time on Task

This tool was designed to assist faculty with planning their courses and comply with Federal Credit Hour guidelines. You can estimate an average time-on-task for 19 different areas.


Copy "Weeks and Dates" to your Announcements

All online courses use an internal chronology of assignment weeks or units. "Weeks and Dates" gives you the link to actual Fall, Spring and Summer calendars.


Copyright Questions

Your course website in Blackboard must have one Copyright Notice that identifies copyrighted materials from publishers and/or other sources including Creative Commons.


Academic Integrity Pledge Form

Students in online courses are required to sign the Academic Integrity Pledge. To make sure that you and your students work from the same set of expectations. 


Disruptive Student Behavior

Disruptive behavior means conduct that substantially interferes with the teaching and learning process in the context of a virtual or on-campus classroom. For any questions contact Online Learning and Instructional Innovation.


Copy Content into a New Course Shell

How do you copy selected content from a master course or previous version of a course into a new course shell?

Blackboard Manual: Menu Options


Blackboard Manual: Videos


Faculty Training


Teaching Online Tutorial

What is involved in Teaching Online? Best Practices. To-do lists before, during and after the semester.


Your Faculty Assist Team

The Online Learning and Instructional Innovation team can be contacted during regular business hours Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm.


Questions? Contact the Center for Distributed Learning Office: 301.846.2401 • Email.