Digital badges give you control and ownership of your learning achievements. You can identify skill gaps and strive to earn digital badges that help close these gaps. Badges offer a new way to display industry-recognized, employment-focused credentials that employers desire.



Employers are searching for candidates with specific skills and achievements. Instead of relying on resumes alone, digital badges provide a way for employers to quickly find applicants who possess the skills they seek. Earning a digital badge will help you stand out by highlighting specific competencies and achievements you have earned that might be difficult to fully detail in your resume.

Steps to Earn a Digital Badge


1. Select

Select a skill or interest you would like to develop and register for a badge class via the Continuing Education & Workforce Development registration site.

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2. Complete

Complete the badge requirements (attend class and complete assessment criteria) and submit proof if required.

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3. Claim

You will receive an email from Credly with instructions for claiming your badge.

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4. Share

Share your digital badge to social media, your resume, and email signature so potential employers and others can see your new credential.



Types of Badges

Skill and Competency: Badges are standalone or can be used in a credit course, but they are not credit-bearing opportunities. Badges demonstrate interests, accomplishments, skills, or competencies attained. Certain badges may include an industry-recognized (national-portable) credential. Badges may also recognize specific job-related skills for FCC apprentices.

Professional Pathways: Skills and competencies desired in a professional field can be mapped to a specific badge. Badges validate a pathway to enhance your professional knowledge in an identified field or occupation.

Continuing Education/Lifelong Learning: Badges display an interest or accomplishment in various lifelong learning areas. FCC Continuing Education or Corporate Training offerings may also lead to a badge or industry-recognized credential.



Develop a New Badge

Learning Design Badge Template
Digital Badging Proposal Form



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Digital Badge Proposal Template
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Learning Design Badge Template