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An apprenticeship is an earn and learn model that is industry driven and aligned with high quality career fields. Apprenticeships allow employers to develop and prepare their future workforce through paid work experiences combined with classroom instruction.

  • Apprentices complete 2,000 hours of on-the-job training per year and a minimum of 144 hours of related instruction per year. 

  • Employers provide the financial resources to support the cost associated with education and earned nationally recognized industry credentials for an apprentice.

  • Apprenticeships are frequently used in trade occupations, but they can also be used to support non-trade professions.


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Apprenticeship Core Components


handshake Employer Involvement. Apprenticeships are employer driven.
Two Humans On-the-Job Training. Employers assign a mentor/journeyman who provides on-the-job training to the apprentice.
Instruction Related Academic Instruction. Frederick Community College (FCC) provides educational instruction.
Rewards Structured Rewards. Apprentices receive scheduled wage increases congruent with increased skills and experience.
Credentials Nationally Recognized Credentials. Apprentices earn academic credits and/or a nationally recognized credential and a degree or certificate.


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