Commencement 2019


Thursday, May 23 at 6:00 p.m.


Students who anticipate completing the requirements for an associate degree or certificate are required to apply for graduation through their PeopleSoft Student Center. If you have not filled out the Application for Graduation in your PeopleSoft Student Center or via the Graduation Application Form, please do so immediately or contact the Associate Registrar with any questions. Students who wish to earn a Letter of Recognition (LOR) should fill out the Letter of Recognition Graduation Application. LOR recipients do not participate in the ceremony.

Commencement refers to the ceremony, officiated by the president of the College, where you share the excitement and importance of your academic accomplishments with peers, family, and friends. Graduation is a three-step process consisting of submitting a Graduation Application Form, completing all academic requirements for your degree or certificate, and settling all financial obligations (tuition balances, parking tickets, library fines, etc.) prior to receiving your diploma. If you are a Federal Stafford Student Loan recipient and you are graduating, you must complete the required exit loan counseling at Follow the instructions for exit loan counseling. If you have questions regarding your loan history, contact the Financial Aid Office at 301.846.2480.

There are four official conferral (degree posting) dates for which you may apply to graduate: January, May, August, and December. A commencement ceremony is held once per year in May. August, December, and January graduates are invited to participate in the following May commencement ceremony.

Your actual diploma will be mailed to you to the address in your PeopleSoft Student Center about six to eight weeks after your conferral date. Your degree becomes official when it is posted to your transcript, not by your participation in commencement exercises.

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Contact Information


Ceremony Coordinator
Phone: 301.624.2726

Associate Registrar
Phone: 301.846.2655

2018-19 Graduation Dates & Deadlines

*Students must submit an application for graduation through their Student PeopleSoft Account or by paper application*

August 2018 Graduation
Confer date: 8/30/18
Last day to apply: 8/15/18
Posting date (showing on transcript): No later than 9/30/18
Diplomas mailed: October 2018

December 2018 Graduation
Confer date: 12/30/18
Last day to apply: 12/15/18
Posting date (showing on transcript): No later than 1/30/19
Diplomas mailed: February 2019

January 2019 Graduation
Confer date: 1/30/19
Last day to apply: 1/15/19
Posting date (showing on transcript): No later than 2/28/19
Diplomas mailed: March 2019

May 2019 Graduation
Confer date: 5/23/19
Last day to apply: 4/15/19
Posting date (showing on transcript): No later than 6/23/19
Diplomas mailed: July 2019