Follow These Steps to Enroll as a Visiting Student:

Take a class at FCC while you’re on break to transfer back to your four-year college or university. 
Before applying for admission please review these steps to ensure the classes you complete transfer back to your four-year college or university.
Step 1: Review FCC class schedules and make a note of important deadlines.
Step 2: Apply to the college.
First-time Visiting Students:
Complete the Application for Admission.  An admission letter containing the student ID number is mailed to the permanent address.

Returning Visiting Students:
If you were an Open Campus student or have not attended FCC in the past two years, complete the Application for Admission.  An admission letter containing the student ID number is mailed to the permanent address. The student ID number will not change.

For assistance with the Application for Admission, please contact Admissions at 301.624.2716.
Step 3: Obtain forms and/or transcripts.
Obtain a Permission to Enroll/Transient Student form from your home college
Submit an unofficial transcript as evidence of prerequisite completion.
Step 4: Step 4: Submit forms/documentation and Register for FCC classes.
Complete the Visiting Student Form.

If all prerequisites are satisfied for desired course(s), online registration permission is granted and students notified by email.  Upon receipt of online registration permission, students may self-register online in the FCC PeopleSoft Student Center.
Step 5: Pay your bill.
Student Accounts
Students must arrange payment prior to payment due dates.
Step 6: Buy books.
Step 7: After you have completed your course(s), request an FCC transcript to transfer your FCC credits to your primary college.
Visiting Student FAQs:
How much do tuition and fees cost?
FCC Tuition & Fees

Am I guaranteed a seat?
Please note: seats are not held/reserved. Students must register for course(s) online in the FCC PeopleSoft Student Center or in-person at the Welcome Center (Jefferson Hall, J-101).

What if I decide not to attend FCC?
If you decide not to attend FCC, please withdraw from classes using the online system.

How may I obtain a copy of the course syllabus?
Students may contact the appropriate Academic Office Manager to obtain syllabi.

May I use Financial Aid from my home college to pay for my FCC class(es)?
Using Financial Aid as a Visiting Student

How do I obtain a parking pass and student ID card?
Registered students may visit the FCC Welcome Center in Jefferson Hall (J-101) with photo ID to obtain their FCC parking pass and student ID card.  There are no additional costs for the parking pass and ID card.

I’m a visiting student, may I graduate with a degree or certificate from FCC?
Some visiting students may meet the requirements for Reverse Transfer graduation. Please contact the Associate Registrar  at 301-846-2655for more information.

How will FCC credits transfer to 4-year colleges?
Artsys may be great tool to explore how FCC classes will transfer to Maryland 4-year colleges. However, please work with your home school to ensure FCC class(es) will transfer to fulfill desired degree requirements.
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