Financial Aid Consortium

FCC Financial Aid Consortium is a written agreement between two or more Title IV eligible institutions enabling students to take coursework at different institutions during the same term/semester for the purpose of completing a degree.

Per federal regulations, a student may only receive certain financial aid at one school per term for courses that are applicable to their degree or certificate program.
Under Consortium Agreements for financial aid determination, the “Home School” (the school where the student is enrolled in a degree or eligible certificate program), processes the financial aid award(s) to include the eligible course credits taken at the “Host School” (the school where the student is taking part of his or her program requirements through a consortium agreement to later transfer the course credits to the Home School for degree progression).

Consortium Agreement Guidelines with FCC as the Home School:
  1. Student must be degree seeking at FCC.
  2. Student must be enrolled in at least one course at FCC for the Consortium Agreement term.
  3. Student must have financial aid eligibility as determined by the FAFSA and Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Standards (view for eligibility requirements for federal student aid.)
  4. Each class taken at the “Host School” must be confirmed as required for the student’s FCC degree program.
  5. The student must complete an FCC Financial Aid Consortium Agreement Form (form available in Financial Aid, Jefferson Hall (J-301) attached with a completed Verification of Transferability Registration Form(found at  under Registration Forms) along with proof of registration/payment at the “Host School”.
  6. Payments to the Host School must be made directly by the student since any FCC financial aid refunds may not become available in time for the Host School’s payment due date. FCC cannot transfer funds directly to another institution on the student’s behalf. 
  7. Consortium agreements do not provide “extra” financial aid; they are simply a way to combine all coursework credits taken by a student in a term toward degree completion at the Home School for Financial Aid determination.   It is the responsibility of the student to use any FCC refunds to pay or reimburse themselves for the bill at the Host School.
  8. Consortium agreements are semester specific.  Therefore, students seeking to participate in a consortium agreement for more than one semester, must reapply each term with a new Financial Aid Consortium Agreement form.
  9. At the conclusion of the consortium semester, students should request their Official Academic Transcript from the Host School be sent to FCC’s Welcome and Registration Center for FCC credit evaluation.

Consortium Agreement Guidelines with FCC as the Host School:
  1. The student and the Home School initiates the Consortium Agreement Form or blanket Consortium Agreement to FCC Financial Aid for certification.
  2. Federal and state financial aid can only be awarded by the Home School.  Depending on the Home School’s Consortium Agreement conditions, a student may or may not be eligible for non- federal/non-state awards (i.e.: FCC scholarships, grants, and outside scholarships).
Payments must be made to FCC by the listed payment due date (view FCC Drop Zone Payment Due Dates at which may be prior to the student’s receipt of funds/refunds from their Home School.

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