Copyright Compliance at FCC

Frederick Community College is committed to complying with all applicable copyright legislation.  The college has a body of policy, procedure, and institutional practices to comply with legislation, and to inform all members of the college community about compliance practices.

Copyright Policy and Procedure

The college’s general statement on copyright compliance is its Copyright Compliance Policy (Copyright Policy).Specific compliance measures are presented in the Copyright Compliance Procedure

Student Right to Know

Copyright compliance issues of particular interest to students are included in the Student Right to Know page.  It informs students that unauthorized infringement may subject students to civil and criminal liabilities, provides a summary of the penalties for violations of copyright laws, and includes the College's policies with respect to unauthorized peer to peer file sharing, including potential disciplinary actions against students who engage in illegal downloading or unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials.  

Plan to Address the Unauthorized Distribution of Copyright Material

The college Information Technology Department has a plan to effectively combat the unauthorized distribution of copyright material.  A network monitoring device (technology-based deterrent) analyzes web traffic for patterns and anomalies indicative of illegal Peer-to-Peer file sharing. The plan is reviewed annually by the CTO in collaboration with the Vice President for Student Affairs and revised as necessary to remain in compliance.

Copyright Resources

The Copyright Resources page provides links to the texts of copyright legislation, interpretative guidelines, best practices, etc.

Copyright Compliance Plan

The college has a comprehensive plan to address all aspects of copyright compliance.  The plan indicates status of individual measures.


Campus Contacts

Copyright Resource Agent

Copyright Resource Agent assists in college compliance efforts, and maintains copyright reference and compliance information.  (In cases where additional clarification is needed, the Copyright Resource Agent may refer the matter to legal counsel.) 

Contact: Colleen McKnight
[email protected]
Director, Library Services

DMCA Designated Copyright Agent

A college employee serves as the “DMCA designated copyright agent,” to receive notifications of claimed infringement. 

Contact: Christy Eichleberger
[email protected]
Communications Coordinator