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FCC places a high priority on maintaining a safe environment for all students, staff, faculty, and guests. College Security staff routinely patrol FCC and provide services including evening accompaniment to vehicles, assistance to ill or injured persons, and help with lost property. FCC College Security works closely with local first responders to respond to emergencies and manage criminal incidents.  
The College Security staff does not have arrest powers, but works cooperatively with the Frederick City Police Department. These local authorities investigate and prosecute violations of traffic and criminal laws at the College.
If you are a frequent visitor to FCC, we suggest that you enter the College Security phone number (301.846.2453) into the directory of your cell phone. This will allow you to quickly and conveniently contact College Security if services are required.

Medical Emergencies

If a student or staff member is unconscious and/or appears to need immediate attention, call 911. Then call College Security (x4444 or x2453 on any campus phone.) If you activate voice mail, immediately dial "0" which will transfer you to their cell phone.

Give the student or staff member's name and location, and provide information as requested.

Maintenance staff will direct the ambulance directly to the location of the incident when needed.

NOTE: No matter how insignificant an accident or injury may seem, it must be reported to College Security.

Unusual Behavior

If you can do so safely, remain with the individual.

Contact College Security (x4444 or x2453 at any campus phone.)

If the student appears to be violent or the situation is serious, in addition to the above, call 911. Your personal safety is your top priority.

Fighting or Similar Disturbances

Contact College Security from any campus phone at x4444, or dial 301.846.2453 from any cell phone or call the Frederick City Police at 301.600.2100


If you discover a fire or see smoke, immediately sound the fire alarm. Once you've left the building, from a cell phone, notify College Security at 301.846.2453. 

The College Security staff will inspect the area. If they determine it is an emergency, they will call 911. The following information should be given:

Nature and location of the fire

Number of people in the building and status of the evacuation

Any injuries

Building Evacuation

Everyone must exit the building during fires or drills. Be sure to shut off open flame devices in laboratories. The fire alarm will sound continuously until the building is evacuated.

Move out in an orderly manner. Close interior doors. Do not run.

If you are able, help others who have physical handicaps.

If smoke has filled the hallways, crawl on your hands and knees.

Once outside, move away from the building to a designated evacuation area.

Staff must check to determine if every student has left the building. Whenever practical, faculty should take class rolls with them.

Safety Tips

Your best protection is awareness of potential dangers and a willingness to minimize risks. Take steps to protect yourself and your possessions and use common sense, particularly when walking around the College at night. Your cooperation and involvement in the College safety program is imperative.

Keep wallets, purses, and items of value in secure places and out of sight, locked in the trunk if possible.

Lock your vehicle.

Lock your bicycle frame to one of the available bike racks.

Lock your office when it’s unoccupied.

Sexual Assault

FCC will not tolerate sexual assault in any form at the College or at College-sponsored events. Should an incident occur at the College or at a College-sponsored event, staff will take prompt action to support the victim, involve law enforcement authorities, and take disciplinary actions where appropriate. A full copy of the FCC Sexual Assault Policy and Procedures is available to students and staff in the College Security office, the Career & Academic Planning Services Office (J-201), or on the FCC web site under Student Policies.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

Possession, use, or sale of illegal drugs or alcohol is prohibited at the College. The policy and procedure information is sent to each student and staff member annually. For more information, please refer to the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act.

Weapons Possession

Weapons of any kind are not permitted at the College. If you see or suspect someone has a weapon call College Security from any campus phone by dialing x4444 or x2543, as soon as possible. If someone has a weapon in the open and threatens your life or others, dial 911 as soon as possible, then notify College Security.

Crime Statistic Rates

In compliance with Title II of the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990, FCC provides information related to crime statistics and security measures through fliers sent to students and staff, as well as prospective students. The Annual College Security Report provides statistics on FCC crimes for the last three years. The National Sex Offender Registry can be accessed online at

Contact Information


For safety and protection, College Security staff are available 24/7.
Located in the Student Center, H-116, The College Security office may be contacted at 301.846.2453 or by dialing or x2453 on any campus phone.

Emergencies only dial x4444B


Emergency Response Guide


Evacuation Campus Map


Annual College Security and Fire Report (PDF)


Emergency Response


Run Hide Fight

Run Hide Fight

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Title IX Information

Title IX Information on Sexual Assault and Harassment