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To meet the completion rate requirement for Satisfactory Academic Progress, students must have a completion rate of 66.5 or higher, which rounds up to the 67% requirement, after attempted at least 16 or more credits. Students under 16 attempted credits must have a completion rate of at least 50% (after rounding). Please note this calculator only projects the number of courses/credits required to meet the 67% completion rate requirement.

“Completed Credits” must include all college level courses with a grade of D or higher. Only include credits for developmental courses if you earned a C or higher. Also include courses with “P” or “S” grades. Include all transfer coursework listed on your Frederick Community College transcript. Repeated courses only count once toward your “Completed Credits”.

“Attempted Credits” should be the sum of all credits for all courses on your transcript, whether successfully complete or not. This includes courses with Withdrawal (W), Audit (AU), Failing (F), Incomplete (I), Unsatisfactory (U), In Progress (Z), and clemency (FX or DX) grades. Include all transfer coursework listed on your Frederick Community College Transcript.


The Completion Rate Calculator is an unofficial estimate. Please consult your academic advisor for questions regarding advice on academic planning. Additional information regarding Standards of Academic Progress can be found here.


Here's how GPA works:
Grade Evaluation Quality Points
A Excellent 4
B Good 3
C Average 2
D Passing 1
F Failing 0

*Grades of "S", "Z," "U", "AU", and "W" are not included in GPA.

Quality points are the numerical equivalent of grades. Grade Point Average is computed by multiplying the numerical value of the grade, by the number of semester credit hours attempted; then, dividing the total number of quality points, by the total number of credits attempted.

The example below represents five courses, three semester credit hours each, with the following grades: Two A’s, one B, two C’s

Grade Earned
Numerical Value of Grade
Semester Credit Hours per Course
Quality Points
A 4 x     3 credits = 12
A 4 x     3 credits = 12
B 3 x     3 credits = 9
C 2 x     3 credits = 6
C 2 x     3 credits = 6
    15 total credits attempted 45 total quality points

15 total credits attempted 45 total quality points
Total of 45 quality points, divided by 15 credit hours attempted, equals a 3.0 GPA



This GPA calculator is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.
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