Welcome to FCC! Welcome to FCC!

Welcome to FCC!

Welcome to the new student orientation website!


All new students planning to attend FCC for their first college experience* will participate in the ROAR program.

*Note: If you will be a high school student (non-graduate) during the 2022-2023 school year, you will not participate in ROAR until after you graduate. If you will be a high school student, and will be taking FCC classes on our campus or taking FCC classes on your high school campus, FCC's Dual Enrollment program will allow you to earn your high school diploma and college credits simultaneously.




To make sure you are ready to ROAR… you must do the following:

Apply for Admissions

  • If you have not applied yet, apply now for admission.
  • If you were previously a dual enrollment or open campus student, please reapply as a degree seeking student.

Log into FCC Student Accounts

  • Go to myFCC Student Portal and select Reset Password
  • To reset password, use full myFCC email address (and not your User ID number– as is instructed on the page). The full myFCC email address (first initial + last name + last 3 digits of student ID [email protected] for ex. Joe Smith would be [email protected]).
  • Once password is reset, students will still use the WstudentID number when logging into Peoplesoft, Outlook email, and Blackboard.   
  • Log into Outlook email and PeopleSoft located in the myFCC Student Portal. 

Complete the Online ROAR Orientation

  • All new students are required to complete our comprehensive online orientation.

Take Placement Tests & Send HS Transcripts

  • Find out if you are exempt from placement testing by reviewing the Testing Guide.  If you qualify for any of these please send official or unofficial documents to [email protected] for review.
  • If you are not exempt from placement testing, you can schedule placement testing through the Testing Center.
  • Have your MD public high school transcripts submitted to the FCC Welcome Center in Jefferson Hall or via email to [email protected].

Do you need help to clarify and explore majors & careers?

Take the FOCUS2 Career online assessment

  • Identify your skills, interests, values, personality, and leisure activities and find majors and careers that are a good fit. Choose a major, explore major programs of study and learn about what you can do with your major. 
  • Access FCC’s Focus2Career portal. Learn more about how it works.
  • Create a new account using your myFCC email address and complete the registration form. Use the Access Code:  cougar 
  • If you would like to discuss your results and action steps, make a career advising appointment.

Schedule a ROAR Advising Appointment

  1. Book your ROAR appointment for advising and registration with one of the following offices.
    • Career and Planning Services (CAPS)
      • New students to college and previously dual enrolled students can schedule their ROAR appointment with Career and Planning Services (CAPS).
      • Find your major, click “Schedule Appointment” with the advisor for your major, and then select the appointment type “New to College – ROAR Appointment.”
    • Disability Access Services (DAS)
      • Students with disabilities, including those who have previously had a 504 Plan or IEP, may contact the Disability Access Services (DAS) office directly at [email protected] or 301-846-2408 (leave a message) to schedule a ROAR appointment for academic advising and eligibility determination of disability services/accommodations. 
    • Veteran and Military Services
      • Students that will be using Veteran or Military Educational Benefits should schedule their ROAR appointment with an advisor in the Veteran and Military Services department.
        Schedule Appointment
  2. After booking, monitor your FCC Email for important ROAR appointment information. 
If you have questions about the admissions/enrollment process, please contact the Admissions office at 301.624.2716 or Email Admissions. The Admissions Office is located within the College and Career Readiness Center, located on the 2nd floor  of Jefferson Hall (J234)
Enrollment Center
Jefferson Hall - 1st Floor
Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m - 4:30 p.m.

View all Enrollment Services hours and locations here.

Phone: 301.624.2716
Fax: 240.629.7896
Registration & Records
Back to Top Enrollment Center
Jefferson Hall- 1st Floor
Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m - 4:30 p.m.

View all Enrollment Services hours and locations here.

Phone: 301.846.2431
Financial Aid
Financial Services Center
Jefferson Hall - 1st Floor
Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m - 4:30 p.m.

View all Enrollment Services hours and locationshere.

Phone: 301.846.2620