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Residency & Tuition


To be eligible for in-county or in-state tuition, you’ll sign a statement certifying that you’ve lived at your current address for at least the last three consecutive months. Individuals may be required to provide proof of residence. Adjustments to tuition won’t be made once the semester starts, even if you move. Only one address–your permanent residence–may be used to determine residency. If you have questions or wish to review your residency status, contact Registration and Records at 301-846-2431.​

In accordance with Maryland State and Federal Law, any of the following factors will be considered to be proof of legal residency:


  • Substantially uninterrupted physical presence, including the months when the student is not in attendance at the college, as evidenced by ownership or rental of living quarters in which the student resides. (12-month lease or mortgage)
  • Payment of Maryland state and local income taxes. (MD 502 Tax Form) 
  • Registration to vote in Frederick County and/or the state. (Voters Registration Card)
  • Registration of a motor vehicle in the state, with a local address specified, if the person owns such a vehicle. (Motor Vehicle Registration Card)
  • Possession of a valid Maryland driver's license, with a local address specified, if the person is licensed anywhere to drive a motor vehicle, or a valid Maryland MVA-issued ID. (Driver's license or MVA issued ID card)
  • Active duty military personnel, honorably discharged veterans, spouses and dependents who reside, are stationed, or domiciled in Maryland are exempt from the 3-month requirement and are considered in-county once proof is shown. (Military orders, letter from Education Officer, DD214 and any of the residency factors listed above).

In-county Tuition Rate for Employees of Frederick County Business & Industry

FCC offers an agreement that allows Frederick County employees to be charged lower, in-county tuition for their employees who do not live in Frederick County. For details, please call Student Accounts at 301.846.2456.

Veteran and Military Educational Benefits

Frederick Community College is approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission for the training of eligible veterans, dependents, and active duty personnel. If you are not sure what type of VA benefits you qualify for, you may contact the VA Regional Office toll-free number:
1-888.442.4551 or visit the VA website at

FCC contact for GI Bill use: Amy Coldren, Director of Veteran and Military Services and VA Certifying Official.

For tuition assistance, National Guard waiver, or MyCAA use, please contact Student Accounts.
Disabled and Retired

Any resident of Maryland who is out of the workforce due to total and permanent disability who enrolls in a class that has at least 10 regularly enrolled students is exempt from payment of tuition as defined in Section 16-106, Education Article, Annotated Code of Maryland.

An individual can take up to 12 credits per semester if enrolled in classes as part of a degree or certificate program designed to lead to employment. Individuals not enrolled in a degree or certificate program will be limited to 6 credits per semester.

In order to receive this waiver of tuition:

  1. An individual must provide the college with certification of their total and permanent disability from the Social Security Administration, the Railroad Retirement Board, or in the case of a former federal employee, the Office of Personnel Management.
  2. Individuals enrolled in a degree or certificate program must apply for any state or federal student financial aid. Payment for all course fees will be required in order to have classes held.

Please refer to the payment chart listed within the Financial Aid section.

  1. Any student financial aid, other than a student loan, received by the student shall be applied first to pay the individual’s tuition.
  2. The waiver shall apply to the difference, if any, between the charge for tuition and the financial aid award, not including a student loan that the individual receives.

Tuition Rates for International Students
A foreign national lawfully admitted for residence in the United States may be considered a resident for tuition purposes if the domicile requirements of this policy have been satisfied. In-county residency is based upon the same three month status and other proof of residency documents as all other students. For methods of proof please refer to our current catalog. Once domicile has been established, the following visa types determine residency:
A Diplomats, family, staff In-County
B Temporary visitor Out-of-State
C Aliens in transit Out-of-State
E Treaty trader-Taiwan only In-County
F Student and dependents Out-of-State
G Representative of a world organization In-County
H1 or H4 Temporary worker and dependents In-County
H2 or H3 Other specialty workers Out-of-State
I Foreign media/journalist In-County
J Exchange visitor, au pair, scholar Out-of-State
K Fiancé of US citizen/Frederick County resident In-County
L Intracompany transferee In-County
M Foreign vocational student, dependents Out-of-State
R Religious worker In-County
TN Professionals under NAFTA agreement Out-of-state
V Spouse or child of permanent resident In-County
Permanent Resident;
Green Card; Refugee, Asylee In-County
Senior Citizen Tuition Benefit Policy

Students age 60 and over who are Maryland residents may take classes at FCC tuition-free if they register starting July 30 for fall. Students must pay fees. You can register before this date to reserve space, but you will have to pay full tuition and will not be eligible for the tuition-free benefit. No changes will be accommodated. There is no waiver of fees.