Welcome to the new student orientation website!

All new students planning to attend FCC for their first college experience* will participate in the ROAR program, which includes:

  • an online orientation, presented by FCC students to prepare you for college
  • an on-campus meeting with an Advisor to help you develop your academic plan
  • the registration lab where you’ll learn how to enroll yourself into classes
* Note - If you will be a high school student (non-graduate) during the 2018-2019 school year, you will NOT participate in ROAR until after you graduate.  If you will be a high school student.and will be taking FCC classes on our campus or taking FCC classes on your high school campus, click here to learn more about the Dual Enrollment program.

To make sure you are ready to ROAR… you must do the following:

Step 1

Apply for Admissions

Step 2

Take Placement Tests

Step 3

Complete the ROAR Orientation

  • It is helpful to have your admissions welcome letter with your Student ID# available when you access the required online orientation.

  • At the completion of the orientation, you will follow the directions to email your orientation quiz results and schedule your meeting with an advisor. *

  • Begin the online orientation.

Students who need access to a computer to complete the Online Orientation are welcome to use a computer in the Student Center or in the Learning Commons (2nd floor of Linganore Hall).
If you have questions about the admissions/enrollment process, please contact the Admissions office at 301.624.2716 or by Email Admissions or stop by the Student Center (H building), First Floor – H106D to talk with our Admissions staff.