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About Our Department

The study of public safety includes preparedness for and response to disruptions from natural and man-made causes. Professionals work in public emergency management, fire, police, criminal justice, national security, GIS, and private risk management. Our instructional team brings you their academic excellence as well as practical experience as emergency managers and business continuity specialists, first responders and fire fighters, lawyers and judges, government officials and veterans.


MACEM Public safety academic programs at FCC are managed by the Mid-Atlantic Center for Emergency Management & Public Safety here on campus. In addition to our FCC degree programs, we develop training for government agencies and first responders across the country. Your instructors are practitioners of public safety from retried military and law enforcement officers to social welfare advocates with expertise to share including networking within public safety disciplines to help you plan for your future.

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Scholarships for Public Safety Degrees 

The FCC Foundation and FCC Financial Aid offices provide information about tuition programs for students. Did you know that many employers will offer tuition reimbursement for you to attend college? There are also scholarships specifically for public safety and criminal justice students. Here are some highlights.

Faculty & Staff Contacts

John Packard Assistant Professor, MACEM&PS [email protected] 240-629-7842
Chris Sasse Assistant Professor, MACEM&PS [email protected] 301.846.2699