Recent College Graduates Who Founded a Non-Profit Speaking at FCC Feb. 13


Darline Gilson and Briana Thezard, recent graduates of Mount St. Mary's University who started a non-profit organization to help their native country Haiti, will speak as part of the FCC Moving Mountains Speaker Series on Wednesday, February 13 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The topic of the talk will be “Answering to our Calling.” Gilson and Thezard’s non-profit organization, Vision 1804, raises money for tuition and school supplies for schoolchildren in Haiti.

The talk is the fourth in the 2018-2019 Moving Mountain Speakers Series. The monthly series features inspiring professionals who share their life experiences and encourage teens and young adults to set the bar high in all areas of their lives.

During their talk, Gilson and Thezard plan to discuss the importance of having goals and working to achieve them. They started their non-profit while in college together after sharing a commitment to helping others and finding a purpose bigger than themselves. They believe it’s important for young people to follow their dreams, find a purpose, and surround themselves with people from whom they can learn.

Since starting Vision 1804, Gilson has visited the school they have provided funding and supplies to numerous times.

“It’s an amazing feeling to go to the school, see the children, and hear from the principal how grateful they are,” Darline Gilson said. “It’s so important to go after your dreams and find something that is bigger than yourself.”

Both Gilson and Thezard graduated from Mount St. Mary’s University in May 2018. Gilson double majored in accounting and business. She works as an account auditor in Alexandria, VA. Thezard majored in computer science and works as an information systems security officer for the federal government.

The Moving Mountains sessions are free and open to the public and take place in the JBK Theater, located inside the Visual & Performing Arts Center on campus. No registration is required to attend. Teens and young adults who attend and sign in for three of the six sessions in an academic year are eligible to receive a certificate of leadership and participation.

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