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Developmental Mathematics

In addition to supporting the mission, goals, and student learning outcomes of the FCC Mathematics Department, Developmental Mathematics courses at FCC focus on building foundational mathematical skills in an active learning environment. Developmental Mathematics courses emphasize preparation for credit math classes and development of lifelong learning strategies.

If you need more information or have any questions, call the FCC Mathematics Department at 301.629.7835 to speak with Ms. Kylena Cross or ask an advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?
To begin your math studies at FCC, you must take the Math Placement Test.
You may be exempt from taking the Math Placement Test.  Visit the Testing Center FAQ page to find out whether you are exempt.

You may take the Math Placement Test twice before enrolling in a math course.  If you are not satisfied with your math placement after the first attempt, then you may re-test.  However, once you begin taking any developmental math class, you cannot take the Math Placement Test.

To prepare for the Math Placement Test, you can access the official web-based study app and free accuplacer study questions on the College Board site.  If you would like assistance on any of these problems, then feel free to visit the STEM center during regular business hours for walk-in tutoring.

For test information, times and locations, or to schedule an appointment, call the Testing Center at 301.846.2522.
What’s on the math placement test?
Learn more about placement testing, how to prepare, and view sample test questions here.
What courses do I need to take?
Developmental Mathematics has two levels of math courses, some of which have been combined with credit courses to help you complete your degree in a timely manner.  If you are ready to take MA82, then you MUST meet with an advisor, as MA103A or MA206A could be an option depending on your degree program.

Note: A grade earned in a Developmental Math course does not count in the overall GPA.
     • MA82 Intermediate Algebra
     • MA85 Introductory/Intermediate Algebra (combines MA81/MA82 into one semester)
     • Credit Classes combined with developmental math course
          ○ MA103A Foundations of Math w/Algebra
          ○ MA206A Statistics w/Algebra
Where do I go for help with math?
Come to the STEM Learning Center in B212 and get help from the STEM learning assistants and math tutors. The Learning Center is open to all students currently enrolled in a math class at FCC. You may study in the Learning Center and use the resources available there. Math books of every level and graphing calculator manuals are also available. Reference material must stay in B212.

Contact Information

Jeanne Nesbitt
Academic Office Manager
​Office: B228

Gary Hull
Department Chair
Office: B235


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