Student Policies and Procedures

Academic Assessment and Placement (4.11)


Academic Progress Procedures (4.12b)

Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources (6.26)

Admissions (4.10)

Communicable Disease (6.12)

Course Participation (4.17)

Employee and Student Drug and Alcohol (6.23)

Inclement Weather (6.16)


Parking and Fines Procedures (6.18)

Posting of Information on Campus (6.19)

Safety and Security (6.32)

Smoking (6.21)

Student Records/FERPA (4.13)

Tuition and Residency (5.13)

Weapons (6.22)

Code of Student Conduct (revised June 2015)

Code of Conduct for Visitors  and Guests (revised June 2015)

Complaint Policy and Procedure for Students (revised August 2015)

Non-Discrimination (revised June 2015)

Title IX Sexual Misconduct  (revised June 2015)


Contact Information

Wayne Barbour, Ed.D
Vice President, Learning Support
Office - J324


Associate Vice President/Dean of Students


Title IX Information on Sexual Assault and Harassment
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