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Our Motorcycle Safety classes
help prepare students for the realities of driving a motorcycle and, when completed, students have the opportunity to obtain an “M” classification on their license. For life-long riders, we also offer specialty classes to help advance riding skills.

Whether you are 16 or 60, our Driver’s Education & Motorcycle Safety classes will help you get there.

FCC offers motorcycle safety courses approved by the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). Courses are taught by instructors certified by MVA's Motorcycle Safety program at FCC's main campus. Courses include:

  • Basic Rider(BRC) This 17-hour course is designed for the true beginning rider who has little or no riding experience.
  • Basic Rider 2(BRC2) This six-hour course is for the licensed rider who wants to improve or refresh their skills, or who has recently completed the Basic Rider Course and wants additional practice on their personal motorcycle.
  • Alternate Basic Rider Course(ABRC) If you have some riding experience and are seeking a Class "M" license, then this class is for you
  • Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic (ARC) improves your ability to ride through turns with confidence

All riding courses require students to provide their own riding gear, including:

• DOT certified helmet
• Eye protection
• Jacket
• Full-fingered gloves
• Long pants
• Sturdy over-the-ankle footwear

FCC can provide a helmet, gloves and eyewear to use during any one of the BRC courses.

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