MD Resident past three months*:

Are you over 16 years old?*:



Veteran Spouse:

Ethnic Group:

Are you currently enrolled as a student at FCC?*:

Are you unemployed?:

Defined as: an individual who is without a job and who is seeking employment and is available to work.
Are you underemployed?:

Defined as: an individual who is working part-time but desires full-time employment, or who is working in employment not commensurate with the individual's demonstrated level of educational and/or skill achievement.
Are you an incumbent worker?:

Defined as: an individual currently employed, yet requiring additional training to obtain the skills necessary to either retain employment or avert layoff.
Which track(s) are you interested in?*:

Academic accomplishments*:

I attest that all of the information provided in this application is accurate and agree to provide, as required, documentation to this effect. I further understand that as part of the intake process I may be required to provide documentation to Frederick County Workforce Services to determine eligibility for Workplace Innovation and Opportunity Act funding.
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