Continuing Education & Workforce Development

Registration Fees, Course Refunds and Tuition Waivers

Thank you for your interest in taking Continuing Education and Workforce Development classes at Frederick Community College.  Below is information detailing our per-term registration fee and refund policy as well as senior and disabled & retired waiver information.

Registration Fee
An $8 annual registration fee is due in full at the time of registration. This fee is assessed annually and is subject to change.

Course Refunds
If a course is canceled by the college, 100% of applicable tuition and fees will be refunded to students or students may choose to have their funds transferred to an alternate class.

Students may officially withdraw from a class and receive a refund or transfer funds to an alternative class by completing the drop section of a Drop/Transfer Form (or via a signed written request). The form or request must be submitted (via email to, by fax to (301) 624-2749, or provided to staff on campus in the CEWD Registration Office in the Conference Center-E113) at least one (1) business day prior to the start of the class - with the exception of Kids and Teens on Campus classes which require a two (2) day advance notice.

Exceptions: Within one business day before the start of a class, or after the class has begun, requests for any refund or transfer of payment toward an alternate schedule must be sent in writing to the Vice President of Continuing Education & Workforce Development, and be accompanied by documentation supporting the student’s request. The College reserves the right to approve or disapprove full or partial refund requests that are submitted later than one business day before the start of a class. Students will be withdrawn from classes for which such a request is approved. Appropriate documentation may include electronic or hard-copy documents from medical providers, employers, child care providers, or others that can validate extenuating circumstances.

Classes co-listed within the academic credit program are subject to the credit refund schedule and procedures.

If a student is eligible for a refund and paid by credit and debit card, refunds are submitted directly to student’s credit or debit card account.

If cash, a check or a money order was submitted at the time of registration, a refund will be mailed to the student usually within 10 to 14 business days from the class drop date.

Tuition Waivers

Senior Citizen Students
Tuition on select eligible courses is waived for Maryland residents 60 years of age and older. Associated course fees (books and/or supplies) may still apply and are due at the time of registration. Eligible courses are identified by a checkmark icon following course descriptions.
For additional information and/or assistance, please contact FCC Financial Aid office at 301.846.2480.

Disabled and Retired Students
Maryland residents out of the workforce, as a result of total and permanent disability, enrolling in a class designed to assist in securing employment, are exempt from payment of tuition as defined in Section 16-106 Education Article, Annotated Code of Maryland.
Individuals enrolled in classes as part of a degree or certificate program, designed to lead to employment, may take up to 12 credits per semester. Otherwise, individuals may enroll in classes equating to 6 credits per semester.

To receive a disabled and retired waiver of tuition
  • Provide certification of total and permanent disability from either the Social Security Administration, the Railroad Retirement Board, or in the case of a former federal employee, the Office of Personnel Management.

  • Apply for state or federal student financial aid. (A requirement for individuals enrolling in a degree or certificate program.)  If financial aid is awarded, these monies will be applied toward tuition.  If a balance of tuition remains after financial aid has been applied, a waiver may cover the remaining balance.  (Financial aid does not include student loans.)

  • Submit payment of course fees (required to hold classes).  Visit our Financial Aid Tuition & Fees page and scroll down for detailed fees.

For additional information and/or assistance, please contact FCC Financial Aid office at 301.846.2480.
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