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Email advising is available to all current FCC students using their myfcc.frederick.edu email accounts. Please provide your full name and Student ID number. If you have not yet attended FCC, view our Steps for Admission to learn how to become an FCC student. If you are applying as a transfer student please click the transfer link to get you started on transferring to FCC.
For students from another institution who are interested in completing a class at FCC, please click this link for steps to enrolling as a visiting student.
Email advising is intended for one or two short questions. Some questions may be too complex to be handled adequately using email, and we may determine that you will be best served by meeting with an advisor in our Counseling & Advising (C&A) office.  Please call the C&A office at 301.846.2471 (301.846.2625 TDD) if you wish to set up an appointment with an advisor.
Email advising is checked daily (Monday – Friday) and the C&A staff will respond as quickly as possible. Typical response time is 24-48 hours depending upon the information requested. During peak registration periods in January and August, there can be a delay in our response time due to the volume of inquiries. 
Before using email advising:
  • Check the Advising FAQ list as your question may already be answered.
  • Check your Degree Plan by logging into your People Soft account to view courses completed, remaining required courses, total number of credits completed, GPA, and academic standing.  
  • Check the Advisor Contact List to contact the academic program manager for your major (other than General Studies majors) to email your advisor directly.  





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Please include as much information as possible with your advising question.” We’d also like to repeat, from an earlier paragraph: “Email advising is intended for one or two short questions.

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