Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience, more specifically defined as “hands-on” learning and reflection. Examples of experiential learning include internships, service-learning, volunteerism, clinical experiences, field work, fellowships, practicums, simulations, apprenticeships, and research.  Experiential learning helps students put classroom theory into context while building practical skills outside of the classroom. 

The importance of acquiring these experiences cannot be understated. Employers expect students to have a number of experiential learning experiences upon graduation in order to be competitive job candidates. 

Experiential Learning at FCC


Additional Experiential Learning Resources

Internship Websites
  • Internships.com – largest internship marketplace in one centralized location.
  • Indeed.com – popular job search tool.
  • Usajobs.gov – site for federal government internships for students.
  • LinkedIn.com – world’s largest professional network.
  • Glassdoor.com – jobs, internships, salary information, and company reviews.
  • Internjobs.com – global database of internships and entry-level positions for students.

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