Veteran's Day Message from Dr. Powell


On Veterans Day, we honor and thank every military member who has served our country and has put the safety of others ahead of themselves. It is because of their sacrifices, their commitment, and their bravery that we are able to enjoy the many freedoms we do.

While it is important to honor veterans today, it is more important to ensure our commitment to veterans doesn’t just happen one day a year. We need to recognize and appreciate the sacrifices they have made every day, and ensure we as a College community do all we can to support them as they transition into civilian life and journey along their post-military education and career path.

We are proud to have veterans serving on our faculty and staff, and we are honored to have the opportunity to serve student veterans, just as they have served our country. The experience, knowledge, and discipline these veterans bring to our College cannot be matched. They serve as role models for us all.

We thank our Veteran and Military Services for the outstanding work it does to support student veterans.
We encourage all members of our College community to reflect on the gratitude we owe our veterans today and every day.

To our veterans, we say “Happy Veterans Day” and thank you for all you have done for our country and its citizens. 

For more information on the FCC Veteran and Military Services, click here.