ILR55+ is Making History this Summer at FCC


ILR55+ is Making History this Summer at FCC

Frederick County’s premier knowledge and discovery destination for adults age 55+, ILR is delivering unique opportunities to discover, study and discuss our nation's history this summer. From Learning on Location to expert-led presentations, these experiences are providing participants with an insider's look at our nation's history and its impacts on today's world.

A recent Gettysburg Battlefield Tour took participants to one of the most important engagements of the Civil War. The day trip to Gettysburg National Military Park started with an informative orientation, a visit to the on-site museum and time to view the cyclorama painting depicting Pickett's Charge. The group then enjoyed an expert-led bus tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield for a first hand look of this significant historical site. Look for future Learning on Location programs, including a trip to the Glenstone Museum in Potomac, Maryland, this fall.

Next month "The Frederick Town: a History of the City of Frederick" is scheduled to start Thursday, July 11. The on-campus series, based on the award winning documentary Frederick Town, consists of three weekly sessions featuring selections of this documentary to commemorate the 1745 founding of Frederick. Presented by Chris Haugh, an Emmy award-winning documentary film maker and regional historian, the city's story will be presented through vintage artwork, photographs, artifacts, scenic footage, quotes, diary passages and more.

Additionally, Dr. Karen Gray will present "How Constitutions Failed" beginning Friday, July 12. This weekly series is an in-depth examination of the constitutional and democratic failures in Hellenistic Athens, Republican Rome, and 17th Century Great Britain. Drawing heavily on new scholarship, each session will feature an information-packed presentation followed by classroom conversations.

In August, a new program, "The Emergence of Lincoln", focuses on the reasons our 16th President commenced his political career in the late 1850s. Colonial historian and author Roger G. Swartz will be leading presentations and discussions highlighting Lincoln’s “House Divided” speech, the Lincoln-Douglas Illinois debates of 1858, the Cooper Union speech in New York, his views on slavery and his presidential election in 1860. These three weekly sessions begin Wednesday, August 5.

In addition to historical programs, ILR 55+ invites participants to experience creative arts, enjoy and play music, delve into current local and world issues, go on-the-road exploring, improve photography and technology skills, and more. Programming often includes travel opportunities to legendary destinations as well. The summer schedule is out now and fall programs will be open for registration in August.

The Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR55+) provides quality and accessible opportunities for intellectual stimulation and personal enrichment. ILR offers a breadth of diverse courses to fulfill the intellectual, social, spiritual, and physical interests of adults ages 55 and older.

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