Saving documents on a local computer desktop or local hard drives may result in data loss should the computer be affected by a virus or hardware failure.  Saving data on a network drive is a data security best practice.  Personal and shared network drives are designed to store and back up your data.  All college employees are assigned personal and shared drive space where you can safely store and save backup copies of work-related documents on the network. 

Employee assigned personal network drive is known as the “H:\ drive”.   

Shared drives such as the “I:\ drive” store documents and resources related to individual department groups. Access to certain folders within the “I:\ drive” requires supervisor or VP access approval. 

How to Access the Shared Drives 

Note:  These directions apply to Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.


  • Open File Explorer and click on This PC.

  • Under network locations you should see your network shared drives labeled as H:\ and I:\ .


IT does not make decisions about granting individuals shared drive access. Network access requests and changes are initiated by managers, directors, AVPs, and VPs. Contact your supervisor so they can place a request to grant you access.