Communication Central


Communication Central is the College’s intranet site that serves as a central location for College announcements, news, forms and documents.  Communication Central is the default site on staff’s Internet browsers on campus. This internal website provides links to individual department websites under the Campus Intranet link.  A summary of each major area of Communication Central follows:

Announcements: Used to display announcements from all areas of the College.  Announcements are displayed on the home page by default for 48 hours.

Calendars: Multiple calendars are used on campus.  Links to each can be found in this section.

Campus Intranets: Many departments have separate intranet sites, which provide detailed information that you may need quick access to from time to time.  You can find all department intranet sites in this section.

Forms: Links to the most frequently used forms and a link to view all available forms.

Links: Links to division and departmental sites, affinity group sites, and other areas.

President’s Office: This page is used by our College President. It displays information that our President would like to share with the College community.

How to access Communication Central from off campus

Go to

In the Username field enter your FCC Outlook email address.

In the Password field enter your network password.   

*All staff posting announcements are required to follow Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy and Procedure Number 6.26 and the General Guidelines for using the Site.