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Music Area of Concentration within the A.A. in Arts & Humanities

Provides the first two years of a four-year degree program for students planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree in music performance, music education, music history or composition. It requires completion of general education courses and selected music courses. Students majoring in music should consult with the music program manager for advising and adjust course selections to meet the requirements of individual transfer institutions. Music education students must take the Praxis I examination after completing 45 hours of credit and should consult with the education coordinator.

Two Year Course Rotation for Music

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Karen Santelli
Academic Office Manager

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Music Area of Concentration within the A.A. in Arts & Humanities
  • Students must complete their credit English and Mathematics within the first 24 credits.
  • One general education course must meet the cultural competence graduation requirement. 
  • CORE: The General Education CORE is that foundation of the higher education curriculum providing a coherent intellectual experience for all students. Students should check with an advisor or the transfer institution (ARTSYS) before selecting General Education CORE requirements.
  • Students must take a minimum of nine credits at the 200-level.
Course  Credits


EN 101–English Composition 3


Mathematics Elective (GenEd course list)  3

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Two courses selected from different disciplines (GenEd course list) 6

Arts & Humanities

Three GenEd courses, one selected from each area: Arts, Humanities, and Communications 9

Biological & Physical Sciences

Two courses, one of which must be a lab science (GenEd course list) 7

General Education Elective  (Select from GenEd course list)


PE/Health Requirement


Concentration Courses

MU 111–Music Theory I 3
MU 112–Music Theory II 3
MU 211–Music Theory III 3
MU 212–Music Theory IV 3
MU 106–Aural & Keyboard Skills I 1
MU 107–Aural & Keyboard Skills II 1
MU 206–Aural & Keyboard Skills III 1
MU 207–Aural & Keyboard Skills IV 1

Ensemble (4 credits, 1 from each Ensemble level below)
Ensemble I (MU 117, MU 119, MU 121, or MU 123) 1
Ensemble II (MU 118, MU 120, MU 122, or MU 124)  1
Ensemble II (MU 217, MU 219, MU 221, or MU 223) 1
Ensemble IV (MU 218, MU 220, MU 222, or MU 224) 1
Applied Music (major instrument) 4

Applied Piano/Class Piano (4 credits, 1 from each level below)*
Applied Piano/Class Piano I (MU 151 or MU 172)* 1
Applied Piano/Class Piano II (MU 152 or MU 173)* 1
Applied Piano/Class Piano III (MU 251 or MU 272)* 1
Applied Piano/Class Piano IV (MU 252 or MU 273)* 1
*Students should consult with the Music Program Manager before selecting these courses.  
Total 60
We offer a variety of courses ranging from music theory and history, ensemble performance classes, group instruction, and individual applied lessons on over fifteen instruments, including voice and guitar. To find out more about the music courses available and when they are offered, please see the current Schedule of Classes.. If you have any questions, please contact the music department office at 301.846.2566.
FCC”s performing ensembles are open to all FCC students, community members, and high school students through college credit or non-credit enrollment.  Our rosters include talented musicians from Frederick and surrounding areas.  All groups rehearse once weekly and have an on-campus concert each semester, in addition to other performing opportunities in the community.  For information regarding eligibility and placement, contact the director listed for each ensemble.

Flute Choir

The Frederick Community College Flute Choir, established in 2001, is open to intermediate and advanced flutists.  Current players include talented middle and high school students, college-level students and adults. The size of the ensemble, while not limited, ordinarily averages between 11 and 13 musicians.   Its season, running from September through May, consists of three on-campus recitals and several concerts in the community.
The Choir performs a varied repertoire, including classical, jazz and ragtime arrangements of standard literature, as well as numerous works written specifically for Flute Choir.  Past programs have featured such popular works as:
  • “Hallelujah Chorus” from G.F. Handel’s Messiah
  • “Night on Bald Mountain” by Modest Mussorgsky
  • “Alexander’s Ragtime Band”  by Irving Berlin
  • “Sleeping Beauty” and  “Nutcracker Suite” by P.I. Tchaikovsky
  • “Celtic Suite’ and “Caderas” by Michael Coolen
  • “Stone Suite” by Sonny Burnette
  • “Mother Goose Suite” by Maurice Ravel
The FCC Flute Choir currently owns one bass flute and two alto flutes and will often add string bass, bass clarinet, harp or percussion to its programs. Past concert themes include:
  • “Flutes Around the World”
  • “Voices of the American West”
  • “Jazz It Up”
  • “Fairytales and Legends”
  • “A Patriotic Salute to Veterans”
The Choir rehearses Wednesday evenings during the fall and spring semesters.  For specific course number and enrollment, consult the Continuing Education Schedule.
Prospective players are invited to contact Flute Choir Director Jennifer Rundlett to arrange a phone interview and audition.

Jazz Ensembles

The FCC Jazz Ensemble has flourished under the leadership of Howard Burns, who became its director in 1990.  The group regularly participates in area swing dances, jazz clinics, community events, and college activities.  In the past few years, the Ensemble ahs developed a reputation for its polished sound and its mastery of sophisticated jazz repertoire.
Membership is open to high school students, community members and college students.  For credit enrollment in MU119, 120, 219 or 220, see the Credit Schedule of Classes.  Permission of instructor is required.  For non-credit enrollment, see the Continuing Education Schedule of Classes.
For more information, contact the director, Howard Burns at 301.733.0859.

Jazz Two!

The weekly Jazz Two ensemble meets Monday evenings during the fall and spring semesters. It focuses on all aspects of jazz performance, including jazz theory, harmony, rhythms and improvisation. Students collaborate in small groups to make their own arrangements of the songs. Jazz Two includes a mixed group of instrumentalists.
“Together they learn songs from the standard jazz repertoire and work on the many aspects of improvising and playing small group jazz,” said Thomas. “Working with only a melody line and chords, the class members create their own arrangements of the songs.”
Members of Jazz Two are both credit and noncredit students. Many are Frederick residents, but some travel from Hagerstown, Md., and Harper’s Ferry, .W.VA., to participate.
New members are welcome and may contact director Anita Thomas to learn more about the ensemble.

Percussion Ensemble

The FCC Percussion Ensemble is open to college students and community musicians with a love of percussion. In addition to performing standard percussion ensemble repertoire and transcriptions of rock, jazz and popular music, the group will explore percussion music from around the world.
The only requirement for joining the ensemble is the ability to read music.  Previous ensemble experience on drums, keyboard or auxiliary percussion is recommended, but not required. Includes participation in an on-campus recital.  The Ensemble currently rehearses on Friday evening, 6 to 8 p.m.  For more information, contact Greg Herron at 443.621.8694). For specific course number and enrollment, consult the Continuing Education Schedule.

Wind Ensemble

FCC’s  fastest-growing ensemble is open to FCC students, the area’s top high school students, and talented musicians of all ages from Frederick and surrounding areas.  Repertoire includes concert band standards, marches, light classical, Broadway, jazz and movie soundtracts.  Rehearsals are Wednesdays, 6:30- 9 p.m. at Monocacy Middle School Band Hall.
Students may enroll for credit or non-credit.  For non-credit enrollment, see the Education schedule.  For credit enrollment in MU123, 124, 223, or 224, see the Credit Schedule of Classes.  For more information, contact the director, Aaron Lovely or 703.401.8971.

Chorale Ensemble

Choral Arts Society of Frederick
FCC currently maintains two vocal ensembles, The Choral Arts Society of Frederick, open to community members by audition, and FCC students (MU117, 118, 217, 218), and a Chamber Ensemble, open to FCC students by audition.  Rehearsals for the Choral Arts Society are Tuesday evenings from 7:45-10:20 p.m. and the Chamber Ensemble meets at various times based on student schedules.

The Choral Arts Society of Frederick has been in existence for over 60 years, and performs 2 concerts on the FCC campus each year.  In addition to these concerts, the CASF has performed with the Maryland Symphony Orchestra, the Howard Burns Big Band, The Maryland Renaissance Festival and at venues throughout the city and state.
The Chamber Ensemble will perform Chamber Music of the Renaissance to present, and will meet once a week, at the discretion of the director.
Past Repertoire Includes:
  • Requiem (Mozart)
  • The Messiah, G.F. Handel
  • Magnificat, A. Vivaldi
  • Lord Nelson Mass, Haydn
  • Africa, The King’s Singers
  • Liebesleider Waltzes, J. Brahms
  • O Whistle and I’ll Come to Ye, M. Wilberg
  • Java Jive, The Manhattan Transfer
For information or to schedule an audition, please contact Lynn Staininger, 443.621.8694

String Ensemble

FCC’s newest ensemble, The FCC String Ensemble is open to all community, college, secondary and elementary school string players—violin, viola, cello and bass.  Anyone with the prerequisite of at least one year of study on an instrument is invited to participate.  Instructor Lynn Fleming will find music from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary musical periods to fit the ensemble.  The group currently rehearses on Tuesday evenings.

Students may register for the FCC String Ensemble through the College’s Continuing Education division or for credit through the academic division (MU171).  For more information contact Lynn Fleming, 301.972.4296

Frederick Symphony Orchestra

The Frederick Symphony Orchestra is a community orchestra which rehearses and performs at FCC.  College students may enroll in Orchestral  Ensemble (MU121, 122, 221, 222) to play with the orchestra through FCC’s credit program.  Permission of instructor and audition required.  Please see the FSO website  for more information, or contact the FCC instructor, James Tung.

The orchestra rehearses Thursday evenings at FCC.
Students will be able to:
  1. Perform as a soloist in a manner that is both musically expressive and technically proficient.
  2. Interpret a variety of styles, periods and genres according to recognized standards of performance practice.
  3. Perform in collaboration with other musicians, using appropriate performance and stage presence techniques.
  4. Demonstrate keyboard proficiency, including mastery of scales, triads, chord progressions, and figured bass.
  5. Sing tonal melodies that contain chromatic writing, modulations, and differentiated rhythmic values.
  6. Transcribe from an aural source material of intermediate melodic, harmonic and rhythmic complexity.
  7. Master current musical software programs (Sibelius and/or Finale), including ability to compose or arrange music.

Shields Music Scholarship Awards

Frederick Community College and the George L. Shields Foundation are pleased to offer annually Shields Music Scholarship Awards in the following categories:
  • Children with prior or current experience studying privately with a music instructor: (ages 6-18)
  • Children who have no prior private musical instruction: (ages 6-18)
  • Entering college freshmen majoring in music at FCC:
Students at FCC majoring in music beyond the freshman year are eligible for 2nd-year Grant Awards.

For information and applications.