Catalog Year 2017/2018

Mathematics Area of Concentration within the A.S. in STEM

Provides a diversity of courses for students pursuing a course of study in mathematics. Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution should check requirements. If there are significant differences, the student should consult an advisor for guidance.
  • Students must complete their credit English and Mathematics within the first 24 credits.
  • One general education course must meet the cultural competence graduation requirement (list page 43).
  • CORE: The General Education CORE (page 42) is that foundation of the higher education curriculum providing a coherent intellectual experience for all students. Students should check with an advisor or the transfer institution (ARTSYS) before selecting General Education CORE requirements.
  • Students must take a minimum of nine credits at the 200-level.

Mathematics Curriculum Pathway by Catalog Year

Two Year Course Rotation
Gary Hull
Chair: Mathematics Department
Email Gary Hull
Jeanne Nesbitt
Academic Office Manager: Mathematics Department
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Mathematics Area of Concentration within the A.S. in STEM
Course Credits


EN 101 English Composition 3


MA 210 Calculus I 4

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Two courses selected from different disciplines 6

Arts & Humanities

Arts Elective (GenEd course list) 3
Humanities Elective (GenEd course list) 3
Communications Elective (GenEd course list) 3

Biological & Physical Sciences 

Choose Biological and Physical Science courses; one course must include a lab (Gen Ed Course list)
PY 203 Physics I and PY 204 Physics II are required at the University of Maryland-College Park and recommended for 
students transferring to other institutions.


General Education Elective

PE/Health Requirement


Concentration Courses

MA 211 Calculus II 4
MA 214 Introduction to Matlab 1
MA 212 Calculus III 4
MA 213 Differential Equations 3
MA 218 Linear Algebra 3
CIS 106 Intro to Object Design & Programming 3
Choose one in consultation with an advisor:
MA 202  Discrete Math
CIS 201 Computer Science I


Choose electives in consultation with an advisor. 
(PY 205 is required at the University of Maryland-College Park. Depending on transfer school CIS 202 may be recommended).



Mathematics Area of Concentration
  1. Produce effective, organized, clear, and correct mathematical explanations using grammatically correct English.
  2. Interpret and analyze verbal, graphical, numerical, and symbolic representations of mathematics.
  3. Solve problems effectively and efficiently using mathematical tools that appropriately model the situation.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to use technology appropriate to mathematical problem solving.
  5. Generate alternative representations of numerical data and analytical concepts.