Catalog Year 2017/2018

English Area of Concentration within the A.A. in Arts & Humanities

Offers a variety of literature, writing, and language classes for students pursuing a course of study in English or related fields for transfer to a four-year university.

English Year Course Rotation


Frederick Cope
Chair: English Department
Cheryl Peterson
Academic Office Manager: English Department
English Area of Concentration within the A.A. in Arts & Humanities
  • Students must complete their credit English and Mathematics within the first 24 credits.
  • One general education course must meet the cultural competence graduation requirement. 
  • CORE: The General Education CORE is that foundation of the higher education curriculum providing a coherent intellectual experience for all students. Students should check with an advisor or the transfer institution (ARTSYS) before selecting General Education CORE requirements.
  • Students must take a minimum of nine credits at the 200-level.
Course  Credits
EN 101–English Composition  3
Mathematics Elective (GenEd course list) 3
Social & Behavioral Sciences Two courses selected from different disciplines
Social & Behavioral Sciences Electives (GenEd course list)   6
Arts & Humanities
Arts Elective (GenEd course list)   3
Humanities Elective (PH 101 Introduction to Philosophy or PH 205 Ethics Recommended) 3
Communications Elective (GenEd course list)   3
Biological & Physical Sciences  Two courses, one of which must be a lab course
Biological & Physical Sciences Elective (GenEd course list) 7
General Education Elective Select from GenEd course list
General Education Elective (GenEd course list) 3

PE/Health Requirement 

Concentration Courses
EN 102   English Composition & Literature    
Choose three courses (please consult an advisor):
                EN 201   British Literature
                EN 202   British Literature
                EN 203   American Literature
                EN 204   American Literature
                EN 205   World Literature
                EN 206   World Literature
                EN 230   African-American Literature
                EN 115   Technical Writing
                EN 210   Creative Writing
                EN 212   Journalism
                EN 216   The Short Story
                EN 231   English Language Studies
                EN/CMM 241 Journalism Publication Practicum

Choose one Arts & Humanities course from Art, Communications, Digital Media Design,
English, Languages, Music, Music Industry, Philosophy, or Theatre.

Choose electives in consultation with an advisor.  Depending on transfer school, foreign language courses may be recommended 16


English Area of Concentration

Upon completion of the English Area of Concentration, students will be able to:.             
1. Collect, evaluate, use, and document research from a variety of sources for various purposes, including the construction of an argument.
2. Produce presentations and documents that are clear, concise, substantive, and grammatically standard.
3. Recognize, identify, and evaluate major literary techniques, terms, and trends.
4. Demonstrate cultural awareness through writing, speaking, and literary analysis.