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2022 May Commencement Message

Congratulations to the Class of 2022, FCC students who have completed their degree and/or certificate credentials in August or December 2021, or will do so in May 2022. This is a significant achievement, and our entire College community is proud of you. 
All eligible graduates will receive an email to their FCC email account with an invitation and link to order a free cap and gown. Students who order a cap and gown will then receive an invitation at their myFCC student email account to participate in Celebrating the Class of 2022 Graduates on May 19, 2022. Please continue to monitor your FCC email!
*Note: Eligible May 2022 graduates must submit or have a graduation application on file by the April 1st deadline and be pre-approved in order to receive the email to request a cap and gown and participate in the celebration.

Each year, we have the honor of celebrating our graduating students during Commencement. It is by far our biggest College event, and we cherish the opportunity to recognize our newest graduates for reaching this important milestone in their lives.

While we are encouraged by the decreasing numbers of COVID-19 cases locally and nationally, FCC does not feel that encouraging hundreds of individuals to gather in close proximity during a traditional commencement ceremony is the right decision for the health of our College community.

In light of this, FCC will instead hold a modified Commencement this May as we did in May 2021. Each student will be assigned a time slot on May 19, 2022. During this time, students will have the opportunity to walk across a stage in the Student Center in their cap and gown, have their photo taken by a professional photographer, and be cheered on by family members or friends. This process allows us to keep intact the most important part of Commencement – allowing our students to feel celebrated by their College and their loved ones during a joyous event – while staying safe.

We look forward to celebrating the incredible FCC Class of 2022.

Graduation is a multi-step process consisting of submitting a graduation application, completing all academic requirements for the degree or certificate, and settling all outstanding financial obligations (tuition balances, parking tickets, library fines, etc.) prior to receiving your diploma.
If you are a Federal Stafford Student Loan recipient and you are graduating, you must complete the required exit loan counseling at  https://www.studentaid.gov. Follow the instructions for exit loan counseling. If you have questions regarding your loan history, contact Financial Aid at 301.846.2620.

Graduation Application Process
Step 1: In your myFCC PeopleSoft account, verify your academic program requirements for your major viewing your FCC transcript and academic advisement report in the Academics Records tile.  (contact assigned Academic Advisor, Faculty Mentor, or Program Manager for assistance)

Step 2: If you have additional credits from another college or university, send official transcripts to FCC and/or request official exam scores to be sent to FCC (CLEP, AP, DSST, PRAXIS, etc.)

Step 3: Submit the Graduation Application by published deadline

Associate and Certificate Degrees
Students who anticipate completing the requirements for an associate degree or certificate are required to apply for graduation through their PeopleSoft Student Center or via the Graduation Application Form.

  1. A student can only submit an online PeopleSoft application through their myFCC PeopleSoft Student Center for their current major. If a student is submitting an application for multiple credentials and/or a credential that is not their current major, they will need to submit the Graduation Application Form.
  2. Login to PeopleSoft account
  3. Select the Student Center tile
  4. Under Academics select the drop down menu “other academic”
  5. Select Apply for Graduation
  6. Follow form information fields and submit
  7. It is recommended that a student submit the Graduation Application when they register for their last required course(s). 
  8. After a student submits a graduation application, the application will be reviewed and the student will receive an email regarding their graduation status. All emails will be sent to the student’s myFCC student email account.
  9. After final grades are posted and the end of a term processing is finalized, final graduation reviews will begin.  If a student meets graduation requirements, their credential(s) will be posted to their student record and FCC transcript by posted dates and deadlines.  No additional communication is sent.  However, if a student does not meet graduation requirements by the deadline to award a credential, an updated graduation status email is sent to their myFCC student email account.
  10. Please see the published Dates and Deadlines for Graduation.
  11. Students may check their myFCC PeopleSoft account, Academic Records tile and view their unofficial transcript to see if a credential(s) has been posted.  Please view your unofficial transcript to make sure your credential has posted before ordering an official transcript request. 

Letter of Recognition
Students who wish to earn a Letter of Recognition (LOR) should fill out the online Letter of Recognition Graduation Application. After a student submits a LOR application, the application will be reviewed and the student will receive an email regarding their LOR status.  The same Graduation Dates and Deadlines apply to the awarding of the LOR credential.


Don’t I just graduate automatically when I have finished my requirements?
No.  To graduate from Frederick Community College, you need to submit a graduation application via your myFCC PeopleSoft account in the Student Center tile or Graduation Application Form. All students need to submit a graduation application to be awarded a credential.

What are the qualifications for graduation?
To qualify as a candidate for an Associate degree or certificate, students must successfully complete a prescribe curriculum as approved by the College and published in the Catalog.

Must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 for all work at the College.

Successfully complete a minimum of 60 college level credits to award an Associate degree. Note: some majors require additional GPA or final course grade requirements.  AAT students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 and meet the MSDE requirements (official documents to waive the MSDE requirement must be on file in Registration and Records).

Graduates have to have completed a minimum of 15 academic credits at FCC for an associate degree or 25% of required credits at FCC for certificate.

When should I apply to graduate?
Students should apply for graduation when they are in their last semester of classes.  Please refer to the Graduation Dates and Deadlines.  All students need to submit a graduation application to be awarded a credential.  There are three graduation conferral dates for August, December, and May for an academic calendar year.

Do I have to pay a fee to graduate?
There is no fee to apply to graduate (no application fee) or to attend the annual Commencement ceremony. 

Do I have to attend the ceremony in order to receive my diploma?
No. The graduation process and awarding of a credential is separate from the ceremony.   FCC encourages you to attend the annual Commencement Ceremony to celebrate and recognize your academic accomplishments, but you do not have to attend in order to award your credential and receive a diploma.  All diplomas are mailed to students to the mailing address on file.  Please submit a Change of Address Form to update your mailing address.

What requirements do I need to graduate with Honors? There are three levels of honors awarded at the completion of degrees or certificates.

  • High Honors (associates) = a cumulative grade point average of 3.750 to 4.00
  • Honors (associates) = a cumulative grade point average of 3.500 to 3.7490
  • Distinction (certificates) = a cumulative grade point average of 3.750 to 4.00

Honors College Graduates
Students who have successfully completed designated honors courses and that qualify at graduation earn an Honors College transcript notation, and may wear the designated Honors College medallion at the Commencement Ceremony that reflect their academic achievement. Students qualify for the Honors College, High Honors designation on the FCC transcript and a gold medallion with 12 honors credits (3 honors credits must be at the 200 level) and a GPA of 3.750 or higher. Students earn an Honors College, Honors designation on the FCC transcript and a silver medallion with 12 honors credits (3 honors credits must be at the 200 level) and a GPA of 3.500-3.7490. Students merit the Honors College designation on the FCC transcript and a bronze medallion with 12 honors credits (3 honors credits must be at the 200 level) and a GPA of 3.250-3.490.  For eligibility and information, please contact the Honors College Coordinator at [email protected]

I am a member of PTK.
For information on PTK eligibility and regalia, please contact the Center for Student Engagement at [email protected].

What happens if I do not successfully complete all the credits I need for my degree after I apply to graduate?
You will be notified via your myFCC student email account that you did not satisfy your requirements and you may apply again as soon as you register for your remaining classes or meet outstanding requirements.

Additional questions, contact [email protected].



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Contact Information


Ceremony Coordinator
Phone: 301.624.2726

Associate Registrar
Phone: 301.846.2655


2021/2022 Graduation Dates & Deadlines


The graduating Class of 2022 consists of 2021 August, 2021 December, and 2022 May graduates. The Class of 2022 graduates will participate in the 2022 May Commencement Ceremony.

**Students must submit an Application for Graduation through their Student PeopleSoft Account or by completing the graduation application form by the last date to apply.  If a student is applying for a credential that is not their current major or multiple credentials, the graduation application form must be completed. **

August 2021 Graduation
Confer Date:  08/30/2021
Last day to apply:  08/01/2021
Posting date (showing on transcript):  No later than 9/30/21
Diplomas mailed directly to students:  October 2021

December 2021 Graduation
Confer Date: 12/30/2021
Last day to apply: 12/01/2021
Posting date (showing on transcript): No later than 01/30/22
Diplomas mailed:  February 2022

May 2022 Graduation
Confer Date/Commencement: 5/19/2022
Last day to apply: 04/01/2022
Posting date (showing on transcript): No later than 6/30/2022
Diplomas mailed: July 2022

**Students must submit an Application for Graduation through their Student PeopleSoft Account or by graduation application form to be awarded a credential**

Your actual diploma will be mailed to the mailing address in your PeopleSoft Student Center about four to six weeks after posting date.  To update your mailing address, complete the Change of Address form.  All outstanding financial obligations must be resolved in order to receive your diploma or an official transcript.


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