Financial Literary

FCC's ”Be Financially Fit” program provides you with tools and resources necessary to make smart and effective decisions about your finances. Managing your personal finances can be challenging while also balancing college, work, and family obligations.

Our program will guide you in becoming financially literate and boost your confidence when it comes to making important financial decisions.

We provide the tools and resources to create a budget, manage your student loans and financial aid, and receive free credit score checks, insurance information, tax preparation, and much more.

Think you know enough to successfully manage your finances? Test your financial literacy to see how financially savvy you are.

Managing your financial aid
Budgets and spending
Credit and Debt
Tax preparation
Insurance 101
Other resources

Managing your Financial Aid

Affording college can be overwhelming at first. Having options can help make college more affordable. Use these links to help with your education.


Budgets and Spending

Are you surprised every time you open your monthly bill? Find out how much you’re really spending and ways to cut back.


Credit and Debt

Good credit is important. Want to buy a car? Own a house? Understand the different types of credit and how having good credit and good credit scores helps you plan your future.


Insurance 101

Is insurance a foreign language to you? Let’s help you to understand!