ILR 55+

You know the world is a fascinating place. Keep exploring it with ILR 55+ at FCC. Because curiosity never retires.
Research shows that continued learning actually strengthens your brain, improves your memory and increases your quality of life. ILR 55+ offers fun, exciting and intelligent opportunities to keep you active and engaged within a professional educational environment.
Designed to provide in-depth knowledge and insight about a variety of topics, ILR55+ features seminars, workshops and presentations as well as regional trips and international travel. Meet new people while exploring:
  • The Arts & Music
  • Computers & Technology
  • Digital Photography
  • Health & Fitness
  • History & Cultures
  • Hobbies & Potpourri
  • Literature, Theater, Writing
  • Philosophy & Religion
  • Science & Nature
Affordable and convenient, ILR 55+ does not issue tests or grades, and degrees are not required. Ready to register? Click here to get started. 
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ILR Schedule

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Suzan Adams, Program Manager

ILR 55+, Learning in Retirement
301.624.2732 ▪ SAdams

Mary Beth Liller, Administrative Associate

ILR 55+, Learning in Retirement
301.846.2405 ▪ MLiller

John Brashears, Administrative Associate

ILR 55+, Learning in Retirement
301.846.2406 ▪ JBrashears