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Emergency Management program opportunities designed especially for industry professionals

The Summer Institute for High School Educators
in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness

Attend this five day summer institute designed to enhance the educator's thought leadership and anchor course content by examining the unique challenges and opportunities of Homeland Security/Emergency Preparedness Educators. (Available under contract with the Maryland State Department of Education.)

The institute features a review of the dynamic and contemporary world of Homeland Security and Emergency Management to enhance the educator's thought leadership and anchor course content in current law, policy and doctrine while providing experiences with new teaching strategies, technologies and tools.

Educators will interact with numerous local public safety leaders on field trips, during special presentations and while examining lessons learned through the case study of the Trevon Martin, Sanford, FL incident.

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Complex Attacks Situational Awareness & Response (CASAR) Training

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Take part in this free 10-hour MACEM online training course designed for senior-level emergency management professionals and first responders. (Available through a grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.)

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