How to Get Involved

Benefits of Service Learning/Volunteering “Receive as much as you give”

Benefits of Volunteering - When volunteering in the community, you:

  • Gain a sense of satisfaction
  • Know that you are needed
  • See that you are making a difference in someone’s life
  • Help the advancement of a cause
  • Learn a new skill
  • Make a new friend
  • Put something important on your resume
  • Put something important on college transfer applications

Benefits to Students – The students’ learning experience is enhanced because they get to apply theoretical ideas they’ve learned in class in a very practical way, by applying them to real-life situations.

  • When students are involved in service learning, they:
    • Enrich and apply classroom knowledge
    • Explore careers/majors
    • Broaden horizons
    • Document experiences
    • Have a chance to make a difference
    • Improve citizenship, life, self-learning, occupational, and critical thinking skills
    • Improve self-esteem
    • Enjoy
    • Become aware of their community and its needs
    • Develop ethically and morally

    Benefits to Community/The Organization – Students provide a service to non-profit agencies that cannot otherwise be met due to the small budget non-profits work under. When students volunteer in the community as part of their coursework, the community/organization:

    • Participates in students education
    • Gains future citizen support
    • Increases ability to hire good students
    • Gets new ideas to meet human needs
    • Receives mutually beneficial interactions
    • Gains new roles for supervisors
    • Develops better community resources for all citizens
    • Receives continuing support from citizens who are becoming more aware of the needs and resources in the community
    • Receives needed publicity about their needs and services

    Service Learning Categories

    • *Advocacy

    • *Animals – Care, Education, Protection and Welfare, Rescue, Therapy

    • *Arts – Museums, Historical Preservation

    • Children – Childcare, After School Programs, Child Development

    • Community – Civic Organizations, Scouts, Municipal Government

    • Corrections/Law Enforcement

    • Developmentally Disabled – Support Services, Group homes, Therapeutic Riding Program

    • Education/Schools – Art, Music, Tutoring, Athletics, ESL, Special Education, Mentoring

    • Elderly/Senior Citizens/Older Adults

    • Emergency – Crisis, Disaster Assistance, Clean-up

    • Family/Support Services

    • Fire and Rescue

    • Food/Hunger

    • Fundraising/Special Events/Festivals

    • Health/Wellness – Hospital, YMCA

    • Homelessness/Poverty Prevention & Assistance

    • Human Services - Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Psychology, Social Work, Substance Abuse

    • Military

    • Parks/Nature/Environmental

    • Political Campaigns

    • Recreation/Sports/Fitness – Coaching Youth/Athletics, Athletic Associations, Cheerleading

    • Religious Community/Religious Education

    • Youth Services and Programs

    • Miscellaneous

    • *May not be suitable for direct service projects for Sociology 101.

    *May not be suitable for direct service projects for Sociology 101.

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