Tutorial Services 

You can take advantage of free tutoring for the classes you are enrolled in through our tutorial services program. Our purpose is to support and encourage you in becoming a successful, confident, and active learner.

Remember these important guidelines:
  • The Tutoring Center will try to assign you a tutor within 24 hours based on availability, except during peak time periods.
  • The Tutoring Center does not guarantee tutoring for every course offered at FCC.
  • Please make sure to call three hours or more in advance if you need to cancel a tutoring session.

Note: Two unexcused tutoring appointments will cancel your tutoring privileges.

Other Math Assistance Available: Math Lab KC200.

Other English and ESL Assistance Available: Writing Center L106

Student Computer Lab: H217



What does tutorial services offer?

The Tutoring Center offers FREE instructional assistance to students currently enrolled in FCC courses. Tutoring is available in most subjects.

How can tutoring help me?

Tutoring helps students build their confidence and learning process. Tutors work one-on-one with students in certain subject areas, in small groups or online. Tutors can help:

Improve your study skills
Explain concepts
Discuss ideas
Prepare you for a test or quiz
Review your homework

How do I request tutoring?

You need to complete a Tutoring Referral Form. A completed form can be dropped off in the Tutoring Center located in H259. Based on availability, you will be contacted by the tutor to start your tutoring sessions.

How should I prepare for a tutoring session?

Come prepared with questions or problems you want to review. Bring any relevant materials (textbooks, notes, homework, past tests, etc.). Do not expect your tutor to do the work for you; tutors are here to help you study your subject successfully. Do not wait until the day before a test or deadline to get more help. A tutor may not be available and you will probably need more time to prepare or complete your work.

How often can I see a 1:1 tutor?

You are entitled to one hour of tutoring per week, per course (subject to availability). If you have a documented disability and require more tutoring help, please contact the Director of Disability Services, A106B, (301) 846-2409. If you make an appointment and later find that you can not make it, please call your tutor to cancel as soon as possible. You will lose your tutoring privileges if you miss two scheduled appointments and do not call in advance.

How do I find out about drop-in tutoring?

Drop-in tutoring is offered for Math and Writing Across the Curriculum in the fall and spring semesters. Professional math tutors and writing consultants are available at scheduled times which are posted in the Math Learning Center, B112, and the Writing Center, L106.

How do I find out about group tutoring?

Group tutoring is available for a number of courses. You should either ask the Tutorial Services office or your instructor about group tutoring opportunities.

What online tutoring is available?

Online tutoring is offered to all FCC students in a number of subjects. Please email the office or call us at 301. 846.2523 to find out more about online tutoring.

Who does the tutoring?

Tutors range from professional tutors with a Master's degree in their subject area, to FCC students who have received at least a B in the courses they are tutoring and come highly recommended by their instructors. All tutors attend training.

How do I become a tutor?

The Tutoring Center hires tutors on a semester to semester basis. For tutors who do not wish to be hired as a paid tutor, there is a volunteer tutor program. If you are interested in working or volunteering you must apply online at www.frederick.edu/jobs.


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