Open Campus/High School Program

Many students who are still in high school have taken advantage of the opportunity to get an early start on college.  Each semester, almost 300 Frederick County Public School seniors enroll in FCC classes.  Students must first obtain approval from their high school under the FCPS Administrative Waiver Program. Students who are enrolled in both high school and FCC are called “Open Campus” students.

Frederick Community College

Open Campus (OC) students must apply, take assessment tests, and enroll according to the standard admissions procedures.  They also go through an orientation program offered regularly by the Counseling and Advising Department. 

OC students may be considered “concurrent” students; that is, they take high school and FCC classes during the same semester and earn credits only at the institution offering the classes.  They may also take FCC classes that satisfy requirements at both the high school and FCC.  Such students are “dual-enrollment” students.  Students seeking to obtain dual-enrollment credit must have written approval from their high school for the specific courses to be taken at FCC. 

Contact your high school guidance office for more information about earning college credits your senior year.  It’s a great way to get an early start on your college education!

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