First Year Students

First Year Student Resources

Did you know that national research on student success in college indicates that the first year of college is the most important?    Starting with the appropriate courses, learning to study at a college level, and becoming an active member of the college community are characteristics of first year students who typically succeed.  Frederick Community College promotes first year student success through a comprehensive, integrated approach to student learning.

1. What will help me be successful?
2. Getting the most information from your textbook
3. How do I get tutoring for a course?
4. How can I get help with writing a paper?
5. How can I get help with Math homework?
6. How to talk to your instructor?
7. Relationships with Your Professors
8. Study Guides & Strategies

Are there any tools available to help me manage my time?

10. What is the Honors College ?

What Study Abroad Opportunities are available to me?

Student Services
1. How do I check my course schedule?
2. How do find my grades?
3. How can I send transcripts to another college?
4. Where can I find resources for Transfer Planning?
5. What services are available for students with disabilities?
6. Is childcare available?
7. Is software available for purchase at a student rate?
8. What jobs are available on campus and how can I find out about them?
9. Where can I buy textbooks and other supplies?
10. How do I get help with an online course?
11. How do I find out about Internship opportunities?

How can I get money to help me pay for my education?


Other Information
1. How do I get a student e-mail account?
2. What student clubs & organizations are available?
3. What volunteer opportunities are available?
4. Is there a student handbook available?
5. Does FCC have a student newspaper?
6. Is personal counseling available?
7. How do I participate in SGA ?
8. Is there an ATM on campus?
9. Where should I park?
10. Is FCC a public Transit stop?
11. Where can I get something to eat?
12. What if I locked my keys in my car?
13. What if my car battery is dead?
14. Does FCC close for bad weather?
15. Where is the Lost and Found Office?
16. Where are the student lounges?