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Message for Parents


Frederick Community College is committed to the academic success and personal growth of our students. We recognize that the college experience presents students with new challenges in terms of decision-making, independence, and responsibility. We encourage you to allow your student to use the opportunity that their college experience presents them to develop the skills necessary for transitioning into adulthood.

College presents students with the opportunity to become better decision makers, accept responsibility, and become more independent. We encourage you to allow your student to use the opportunity that their college experience presents them to develop skills necessary for transitioning into adulthood.

Time of Transition

We also recognize that college represents a time of transition for you as a parent. But just as college presents students with the opportunity to become more independent, it is also an opportunity for parents to move from the role of manager to consultant allowing students the opportunity to work out problems for themselves with the reassurance that you, as their parent, will be available to give advice as needed.

A Healthy Balance

Allowing students to manage their own education does not mean that they will no longer need you. Indeed, despite their quest for independence, students will still need your continued support as they attempt to manage the academic and personal decisions involved in their college experience. But they will also need your encouragement to allow them to take steps on their own to manage the variety of challenges awaiting them. This will mean allowing your student to work through difficult situations with the faculty and staff at the college rather than relying on you to intervene on their behalf. And because we expect this, the college offers services and resources designed to help students develop the skills necessary to manage the demands and challenges associated with college life. Students should attend our New Student Advising Sessions; read our College Catalog, Student Handbook, and the information on our Web site; and talk with counselors and faculty members (encourage your student to make use of their office hours) to learn about college requirements, policies and procedures, and the wide array of learning opportunities both in and outside the classroom that the college offers.

At FCC, students learn, grow, and change to become knowledgeable, mature, responsible adults, capable of managing the complex issues that the world presents them. By providing them guidance and allowing them to achieve greater levels of independence and self-reliance, students develop self confidence and the skills necessary to ensure the attainment of their educational and personal goals as they transition into adulthood.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. How can I ensure that my child gets into needed classes?
2. Why is the first year of college the most important year for most students?
General Information
1. How safe is the campus, especially at night?
2. Is public transportation available?
3. Is there a student ID card?
4. Does a student need a parking sticker?
5. What is the college policy on smoking?
1. How many credits should a student take each semester?
2. How much time should students spend studying outside of class?
3. How do I know if my son or daughter is struggling academically?
4. Will I see a report card?
5. How many classes can a student miss?
6. What should a student do if he/she has to miss a class due to a family emergency?
7. Who is considered a full-time student?
8. What is the Honors College?
9. How can a student contact a faculty member?
10. Sample syllabus.
11. What is FCC’s policy on Academic Integrity/Classroom Behavior?
Financial Facts
1. When is payment for tuition and fees due for the semester?
2. Does FCC have a payment plan?
3. If my student drops, can he/she receive a refund?

When can we apply for spring scholarships?


Is there a charge for parking?


Is it too late to apply for financial aid?

Advising, Career and Transfer Services
1. What advising/counseling services are available for my student?

What is the best way to prepare for transfer to a four-year institution?

3. What career services are available?
College Life and Wellness/Athletics
1. What service learning or civic engagement opportunities are available?
2. What extracurricular opportunities are available to FCC students?
3. Does FCC have opportunities for study abroad?
4. How does my son or daughter get involved in athletics/wellness?
Student Support Services
1. What Disability Support Services are Available?
2. What other programs are available for Student Support?
1. How can I get an enrollment verification for my health provider?
2. What other information is available to students using their Web account?
3. Do students need their own computer?
4. Is there wireless access on campus?
1. What is available in the College Bookstore?
2. What about dining on campus?
1. What type of library services are available on campus?
Inclement Weather/Emergency Closings
1. How will we know if FCC is closed?

Why Frederick Community College?

  • Outstanding Faculty
  • Transfer Success
  • State of the Art Technology Equipped Classrooms
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Low tuition and fees
  • Close to home
  • Small class size
  • Quality Services for Students
  • Low Crime Rate

The wide range of information about college preparation can be confusing and, at times, overwhelming. Researching the variety of colleges, types of financial aid, admissions requirements, and college-preparation resources takes time and dedication, but the information that you acquire will help your student make the best possible choices about college. Try to take things one step at a time, and soon you will understand the options and opportunities available to your student.

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